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Back in 2020, Atorus first released our package Tplyr. The aim of Tplyr was to build a reusable framework that makes all the data preparation for clinical reporting simple – and takes the hassle out of tedious things like decimal and parentheses alignment. But from the beginning, Tplyr was always meant to be more. Tplyr captures metadata about the table being built, and in Tplyr 1.0.0 we can leverage that metadata to its full advantage. Tplyr now let’s you dive in, and for any result provides the traceability of how that result was derived, and the data used to do-so. In our talk, we will explore this new functionality built into Tplyr, the mechanics that make it work, and how these new features are useful in the clinical world and beyond.

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11:20 AM to 11:40 AM

Cherry Blossom

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Mike Stackhouse is the Chief Innovation Officer of Atorus Research and leads Atorus’ Analytics Engineering department. Mike has a long history of experience in statistical programming with a heavy focus on process improvement, automation, and streamlining. This ultimately drove Mike into the use of open-source and programming in R and Python. It was his interest in open-source tooling which lead Mike to UC Berkeley, where in 2020 he graduated with a Master’s in Information and Data Science program.