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R has come quite a long way to enable spatial analysis over the past few years. Packages such as sf have made spatial analysis and mapping easier for many. However, adoption of R for spatial statistics and econometrics has been limited. Many spatial analysts, researchers, and practitioners lean on Python libraries such as pysal.

In this talk I briefly discuss my journey through spatial analysis and introduce a new package sfdep which provides a tidy interface to spatial statistics and noteably exploratory spatial data analysis. sfdep is an interface to the spdep package as well as implements other common exploratory spatial statistics.

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10:30 AM to 10:35 AM

Potomac D

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Josiah Parry is a Research Analyst in the Research Science division at The NPD Group focusing on modernization and methodology. Formerly he worked at RStudio, PBC on the customer success team enabling public sector adoption of data science tools. Josiah received his master's degree in Urban Informatics from Northeastern University. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor's degree in sociology with focuses in geographic information systems and general mathematics from Plymouth State University.