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R users are part of data ecosystems comprising both statistical and non- statistical applications. We may work with SAS or Stata datafiles; non-R users may help run R scripts; or we may need to generate outputs in Word or Excel. Just as pollinators support biodiversity, we believe R users can be constructive members of diverse data ecosystems. Our talk will: (1) outline what it means to be constructive, (2) highlight tools that can help R users contribute to their ecosystems, and (3) describe practices that can improve workflows involving diverse groups of staff and software. We hope our talk will inspire R users to think creatively and empathetically about how R can be a force for good in diverse data ecosystems.

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10:50 AM to 11:10 AM

Cherry Blossom

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Weihuang (Wei) Wong is a Senior Research Methodologist at NORC, where he develops tools that help researchers and analysts produce high quality and timely research. At NORC, Wei has worked on projects across the education and health sectors. He earned his PhD in political science from MIT.

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Kiegan Rice

NORC at the University of Chicago

Kiegan is a Statistician at NORC at the University of Chicago specializing in static and interactive data visualization, reproducible data analysis pipelines, and scientific communication. She applies her skills in multiple research areas at NORC including education, healthcare, and public health policy. Kiegan earned her PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University in 2021 where she studied statistical and computational reproducibility in forensic evidence analysis.