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It happens to us all - a request to "just re-run the code" turns into a project nightmare. The materials left to you are poorly documented and scattered across Word, Excel, ArcGIS, and PDF reports. In this talk, I show you how to turn any project into a point of pride. Using a worked example, I provide guidance on how to complete a project intake, find your opportunity to shine, and how to work efficiently and reproducibly through thoughtful documentation. Finally, I cover how to set up the project for future success. Learn how to take the messy project you dread and make it inexplicably satisfying.

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01:50 PM to 02:10 PM

Potomac C

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Liz Roten

Metropolitan Council

Liz Roten is a data scientist and cartographer working at the intersection of regional government, transportation, and data science. She specializes in interactive and static data visualization, package development, and collaborative workflows. She is passionate about open-source and reproducible analyses, particularly regarding transportation, climate change, and equity. Originally from the Nashville area, Liz is now based in St. Paul, Minnesota.