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R and Shiny are ready for production use in Enterprise. As Appsilon, we have worked with tens of top global companies on their Shiny projects. Emphasis on UI, monitoring users’ behavior, and solid engineering principles made the difference. These are some of the practices that made projects impactful. We want to help ourselves and the community to leverage best practices that have worked for us so far. That’s why we built Rhino - the new framework for Shiny in Enterprise. Kamil Żyła is a senior software engineer at Appsilon and Rhino’s creator. He will share our experiences in ensuring the success of Shiny projects. You will see why you may want to try Rhino in your next (or current) project!

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03:20 PM to 03:40 PM

Potomac D

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Kamil Zyla


Kamil is a Full Stack Engineer at Appsilon and a core developer of Rhino. He learned to code at the age of 15 and used to participate in programming competitions. He earned degrees in computer science and mathematics. His interests include programming language theory, software development processes and working across technologies. He’s passionate about jazz, spirituality and psychology.