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Dealing with date-times is hard. Dealing with date-times without the proper tooling is even harder! clock is an R package that aims to provide comprehensive and safe handling of date-times. It goes beyond the date and date-time types that base R provides, implementing new types for year-month, year-quarter, ISO year-week, and many other date-like formats, all with up to nanosecond precision. In this talk, you'll see how clock emphasizes "safety first" when manipulating date-times, and how these new date-time types can be used in your own work.

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10:40 AM to 10:45 AM

Potomac D

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Davis is a software engineer at RStudio working on improving the tidyverse and tidymodels ecosystems. He works on packages such as tidyr, vctrs, furrr, slider, clock, hardhat, and yardstick.