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As shiny developers, we spend a lot of time working on the server side, and less time on the UI/UX part. According to the Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps book by the ThinkR team, no matter how complex and innovative your back- end is, your application is bad if your user experience (UX) is bad. People spend more time on the internet from their mobile phones, so it is important to ensure that our shiny apps are mobile responsive. At the beginning of this year, I was tasked with creating a mobile version of an already made shiny app in the shortest time possible. In this talk, as much as this work is tied to an NDA, I will highlight a few css tricks that I used to achieve this.

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10:45 AM to 10:50 AM

Potomac D

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Shelmith Nyagathiri Kariuki

Data Analytics Consultant

Shel Kariuki is a Data Analytics consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. She currently works as a short term consultant at The World Bank . She is a co-organizer of #NairobiR and R-Ladies Nairobi which are groups in Nairobi whose aim is to bring people together to learn and develop their skills in R. Her interests are data analytics, data science, spatial analytics, causal inference and impact evaluation.