Session Summary:

Attendees will recieve a broad overview of the encoding and decoding process in the human-to-computer loop, how bits are used, and the math that gets us to common bit values. A brief history of ASCII, Latin-1, and UTF-8 will be provided as well.

Attendees will also be exposed to how character encoding works in R and in the tidyverse.

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11:20 AM to 11:25 AM

Potomac D

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Alex Farach

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Alex Farach is an Analytics Manager and Data Scientist in the Applied Intelligence Discovery Lab at Accenture Federal Services (AFS) where he helps clients build productive relationships with their data. Prior to joining AFS as a data scientist in 2019 Alex worked as an economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although his background is in statistics and economics, Alex’s interests are varied. Since 2014 he has been using R to solve problems across these interests, from creating art for personal music projects to developing machine learning solutions at large government agencies. Alex loves natural laguage processing, making beautiful charts, and helping others learn data science.