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E-commerce requires passing data between many components like managing a shopping cart, taking payment, fulfilling orders, and sending emails. I've successfully created a full e-commerce platform entirely in R for a quirky side project. The R package ggirl lets users order ggplot2 plots as postcards and more via R functions. Those R functions pass data to a separate Shiny app, which then passes data other services like Stripe payment APIs and printing APIs. In this talk I will walk through how to use packages like httr, callr, and brochure to have your Shiny apps call external services and do many tasks in parallel. You’ll leave the talk with more ways to use Shiny than dashboards plus the knowledge to monetize your existing dashboards!

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10:30 AM to 10:50 AM

National Harbor 10+11

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Jacqueline Nolis

Saturn Cloud

Dr. Jacqueline Nolis is a data science leader with 15 years of experience in running data science teams and projects at companies ranging from Airbnb to Boeing. She is the Chief Product Officer at Saturn Cloud where she helps design products for data scientists. Jacqueline R expertise includes deploying R into production systems and neural networks in R. For fun, Jacqueline likes to use data science for humor—like using deep learning to generate offensive license plates.