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This talk discusses how we used R to solve some of the challenges we faced when all classes were emergency onlined as a result of COVID. Instructors improvised typically defaulting to zoom, and survey data showed that more than half of our student population did not have access to a laptop or computer, but all did have a smartphone. We set out to mitigate this by creating a mobile app which facilitates a feedback-loop between students and instructors and provides analytics of this interaction.Starting as a shiny-app with {shinymobile}, we applied linguistic and social network analysis to provide the instructor with analyses. As the pandemic dragged on the system evolved and became more integrated with google cloud and the Andoid ecosystem.

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11:20 AM to 11:40 AM

National Harbor 10+11

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Aleksander Dietrichson

Universidad de San Martin & Chi Square Laboratories

Aleksander (Sasha) Dietrichson, Phd is a professor of Data Science and AI, and the founder of Chi Square Laboratories, a company dedicated to the research and development of learning analytics solutions. Sasha has been working in learning analytics and educational AI for over a decade, and is the author of several related R-packages available on github and CRAN.