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Shiny helps data scientists create web applications without requiring web development experience. However, there's still a steep learning curve for writing the Ui portion of an app. Unlike an app's server code, which typically only uses a few different Shiny-specific functions, the app's UI code is almost entirely made up of functions with strange syntaxes and often surprising interactions with each other. This paradigm requires a very different mindset than your typical R Script. This talk introduces a new tool to help both new and experienced Shiny developers spend less time writing their app's UI and more time doing data science.

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01:30 PM to 01:50 PM

Potomac D

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Nick is an engineer on the Shiny team working to make web applications with R easy to build, beautiful, and powerful. Nick has a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Vanderbilt University and previously worked as a data journalist at the New York Times.