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Data Scientists have a unique position to drive change and efficiency within organizations workflows. By simplifying workflows to its core expectations, we can design with purpose. Process and software are harmonized to reduce risk and streamline the overall system. At GSK, we are developing capabilities and challenging traditional processes. We must do this while still meeting regulatory compliance requirements that can be complicated by historical inertia. I will talk about how my team is using this approach to develop R packages in tandem with process changes that are leading to wins. Attendees of my talk with leave with an understanding of how to do the same.

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11:40 AM to 12:00 PM

Cherry Blossom

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Ellis Hughes is a Data Science Leader and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 8 years. He focuses on how organizations can use R and take open source approaches to improve processes and solve problems. During his free time he organizes the Seattle UseR group, the Cascadia R Conference, and hosts a weekly R screencast, TidyX, to explain data science concepts.