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If you've invested a lot of time and energy on a data science project, you might be ready to move on to new and exciting things. Don't let your old projects wither away and die! There are some powerful and free resources from GitHub that you can leverage to help pay it forward to the next person looking to use your work.

In this talk, I'll showcase how you can transform ordinary R scripts into self-sufficient, robust projects by converting your code into a package, adding some GitHub Actions, and storing data into GitHub Releases. This will help your projects more useful - now and long after you've stopped working on the project!

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02:10 PM to 02:30 PM

National Harbor 10+11

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I'm a data enthusiast who loves R 🚀, Shiny ✨, fantasy football 🏈 and carving pumpkins 🎃 I started and ffverse, maintain nflverse data and packages, stream on Twitch, and mentor at R4DS Slack Community. Away from my keyboard, I enjoy rowing 🚣️, skiing ⛷, lifting weights 🏋️, and hanging out with my dog Jasper 🐶