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Benjy Braun, Chief Architect for 202 Group, shows why he and the 202 Group team decided to use RStudio Connect to build customer facing applications and secure websites while focusing on data science and not having to worry about hiring for—or learning—a bunch of web tools like JavaScript and php. With well organized git repos and Rmarkdown, you can build websites for customers with embedded shiny apps and dynamic visualizations and publish and deploy them using RStudio Connect. Using this method, you won’t confine your analysis to static documents like PowerPoint and pdfs and your customers will always see the latest and most up do date information. The tools are out there to do this and it’s easy to start and iterate with more features overtime.

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01:50 PM to 02:10 PM

Potomac D

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I am a mission-driven problem solver with expertise in bringing data science applications from inception to profitability and acquisition. I build data and analytic tools that help users understand challenges, make informed decisions, and act. My experience across the data science value chain—ingestion, storage, processing, analytics, AI/ ML, visualization, reporting, and client delivery—allows end-users to spend less time dealing with data and more time doing their jobs. My industry expertise is in the DoD/IC but I have interests in tech teams cultures, DEIB, and Biblical Hebrew.