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There are many benefits to using R and no lack of packages that help you solve technical difficulties, but you may still get stuck at selling it to decision-makers or implementing it at work. Tiger's recommendation is to start a project that focuses on automating work with R and gets everyone involved. Once the value of R has been established, selecting RStudio Workbench and RStudio Connect for streamlining tasks would not be a difficult choice.

Several years ago, Tiger's organization moved away from SAS in favor of R for modeling projects, but there wasn’t much initiative taken company-wide to move everything to a new tool. To help change that, he started a work automation project using R that has saved 12K+ hours of manual work.

In this talk, he will share the key parts of the project, lessons learned, and a structure you can follow if you would like to do something similar in your organization.

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02:30 PM to 02:50 PM

Potomac C

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Tiger(Chongtai) Tang is a Data Science Manager at CARFAX, dedicated to building the Data Science team specializing in NLP and forecasting. With a passion for the Data Science community, he has been creating R training, handbook, and R songs for technical users and business users. He believes R brings value in various ways and has initiated an automation project with R that saved over 12k+ hours at CARFAX. As a big fan of Shiny, Tiger has authored multiple internal Shiny apps that handle thousands of daily requests and works on fun Shiny apps in his free time.