Session Summary:

I'll walk through a few potential uses of parsing out the functions and packages in projects.

  • Creating a reference table: With so many #rstats learning materials out there, it's often helpful to parse-out the functions from a project and create a lookup table that complements your notes.
  • Analyzing files: A network visualization of the packages may provide insights as to which files or projects are most related to one another as well as which packages are most central to a body of work.
  • Setting tags: Picking good consistent tags for your blogdown website is hard. It's easier to just parse out the packages in each post and use those to organize your website.

Examples will use helpers from the new {funspotr} package:

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03:40 PM to 04:00 PM

National Harbor 10+11

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Bryan is a Data Scientist at NetApp where he has worked on a wide range of internal operations problems in Customer Support, Forecasting, and Pricing Optimization. He also leads internal study groups on books like Feature Engineering and Selection and Interpretable Machine Learning. His writing on data science topics can be found at Bryan previously worked as a school analyst in Colorado and as a high school math teacher in North Carolina. He holds a Master's in Advanced Analytics from NC State and studied Cognitive Neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis. Bryan lives in Seattle and in his spare time can be found reading the newsletters of various public policy wonks or listening to podcasts while cooking, cleaning, running, ...{insert any activity}.