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If you've ever tried to run a workshop using R, you'll be aware of the challenges of getting everyone's laptop set up to able to run your R scripts, Rmarkdown documents, or Jupyter Notebooks without errors.

What if you could host a workshop using R that required no setup from the participants at all? With GitHub Codespaces, a GitHub repository becomes a cloud-based engine for running R in a container with a single click. Every participant, regardless of the power, configuration or operating system of their laptop will have the same experience, all with NO setup in advance.

In this talk, I'll describe the process and share tips for setting up a GitHub repository for an R-based workshop to take advantage of GitHub Codespaces.

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10:55 AM to 11:00 AM

Potomac D

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David is a Cloud Advocate for Microsoft, specializing in the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since 2009 he has been the editor of the [Revolutions blog](https:// where he writes regularly about applications of data science with a focus on the programming language "R", and is also a founding member of the R Consortium. Follow David on Twitter as @revodavid.