Session Summary:

In this two day masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deep in to package development. Across the two days, we’ll spend around 4 hours speaking about advanced package development topics, like writing testable code and producing error messages that spark joy. We’ll focus on cutting edge topics and tools that have significantly impacted the way we develop packages in the last couple of years. However, the majority of the time will be unstructured, so you can take what you’ve just learned about and apply it your package, in environment where you can get help and talk things through with the tidyverse team.

Should I take the course?

You should only take this course if you have already developed one or more packages. You should be familiar with the basic devtools/RStudio workflow (e.g. load_all(), roxygen2, and testthat), and should be familiar with the usethis package.

Session Details

July 25–26th

9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.



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Hadley Wickham

RStudio, PBC

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Hadley is Chief Scientist at RStudio, winner of the 2019 COPSS award, and a member of the R Foundation. He builds tools (both computational and cognitive) to make data science easier, faster, and more fun. His work includes packages for data science (like the tidyverse, which includes ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr)and principled software development (e.g. roxygen2, testthat, and pkgdown). He is also a writer, educator, and speaker promoting the use of R for data science. Learn more on his website.