Dr. Kobi Abayomi | Adjusting Metrics Across the Business
7 October 2021, 05 pm

Dr. Kobi Abayomi | Adjusting Metrics Across the Business

Sr VP of Data Science at Warner Music Group

Episode notes

We were recently joined by Dr. Kobi Abayomi, Sr VP of Data Science & Analytics at Warner Music Group.

Here are a few snippets from our conversation: 1:19 - Start of session
3:42 - Example of using data science in the music industry
6:32 - Data science compared to data analysis: going from analysis to research
9:35 - Data science and data engineering, what comes first?
11:42 - How did you become a Bayesian shop?
17:05 - Productionalized visualizations being outside of data science
18:45 - How do you explain quantitative concepts to others across the business
26:12 - When the metrics used by the business aren't what they should be
30:39 - How algorithms will (or won't) impact music
39:59 - Gathering data from the business
41:33 - Becoming a leader, your team is a gift

A few resources mentioned by Kobi:
Illustration of every genre of music that came up: everynoise.com
I like Qtip’s radio station on AppleMusic
I try to listen to every interview every of Donald Knuth

Featured in this episode
Rachael Dempsey
Rachael DempseyHost
Community Manager at RStudio
I love connecting people across the data science community to share what they're accomplishing with data and help others do the same through community discussions, industry meetups, and more.
Kobi Abayomi
Kobi AbayomiGuest
Sr VP of Data Science at Warner Music Group
Kobi leads Warner Music Group’s global efforts to make 'data-backed business decisions' to maximize success for its artists and songwriters.

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