RStudio Floating License Servers

RStudio Floating License Servers

These lightweight servers distribute floating licenses to RStudio products.

What is floating licensing?

Floating licensing is a licensing model in which a number of purchased licenses are held by a license server.  Individual product instances obtain a lease on a license for a short period of time, and renew the lease periodically while they are running. When the product stops running, the lease is released and is immediately available for use by another instance of the product.

When should I use floating licensing?

Floating licensing is appropriate for licensing RStudio products running in ephemeral or virtual containers or environments. Using floating licensing, it’s possible to securely license products in these environments without needing to manually activate with a license key, and it’s also unnecessary to make sure the key gets deactivated. The license is used only while the product is actively running.

Linux Server Downloads

The easiest way to run a license server is to install it on a Linux server. The system requirements are negligible, and the service is pre-configured with product information. Download the license server specific to your product and Linux operating system below. Refer to your product documentation for instructions on using the RStudio licensing server with the product.

Other Downloads

If you don’t have Linux servers in your organization, or don’t wish to install the server as a service, you can also run the license server using a standalone executable.

Standalone Server Size Date SHA-256
Standalone Linux License Server 2.31 MB 2018-03-27 b5cb0609
Standalone MacOS License Server 1.00 MB 2018-03-27 9bd6b7c9
Standalone Windows License Server 1.31 MB 2018-03-27 043db029


In order to use one of these standalone executables, you will need to copy the license-manager.conf file from your RStudio product installation to the server running these executables; for instance, for RStudio Workbench, the file can be found at /usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/license-manager.conf. Copy this file to the standalone server, and supply the fully qualified path to to the file in the -pdets argument when you run TurboFloatServer.

Refer to the TurboFloat server documentation for further instructions on configuring the standalone executable.