Compare RStudio Connect, RStudio Shiny Server Pro and

RStudio Connect
Shiny Server Pro
Overview Commercial License (not AGPL)
RStudio Support
Deploy Shiny applications to the Web
Push-button publishing from RStudio IDE
One convenient place to share shiny apps, dashboards, R Markdown reports, and plots
Scheduled updates and distribution of reports
Self-managed content – view and manage what you’ve published or can access Publishers Only
Security & Authentication Password protect applications *
Deploy Shiny applications behind firewalls
Controlled access via SSL and LDAP, Active Directory, Google OAuth, PAM, proxied authentication, or passwords
Tuning & Scaling Scale applications across multiple R processes
Persistent R processes for faster load times
Metrics & Management Performance and resource metrics
Health check endpoint

* For plans that include authentication, your application users must have a Google, Github or a account