RStudio Package Manager

Control and distribute packages throughout your organization

Package management built for R

RStudio Package Manager is a new repository management server to organize and centralize R packages across your team, department, or entire organization. Get offline access to CRAN, automate CRAN syncs, share local packages, restrict package access, find packages across repositories, and more. Experience reliable and consistent package management, optimized for teams who use R.

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Built for your entire organization

Jr. Analyst

Just hired, but learned R in college.

Has to DISCOVER tribal knowledge

Sr. Analyst

Built functions to connect to the company’s database.

Wants to SHARE code without emailing files.


Submitted valued trial results to the FDA.

Needs to REPRODUCE results, without worrying about packages.

IT / Ops

Receives install and upgrade requests.

Goal is to MAINTAIN servers without breaking R code.


Enforces legal and risk policies.

Requires SECURE downloads that meet standards.

miniCRAN rsync RStudio Package Manager
Entirely On-Premise
Licensed and Supported
Distribute Internal Packages
Host a Subset of CRAN
Metadata on all of CRAN
Dry Run for Updates and Additions
Optional Automatic Updates
Web Interface
Optimized Storage and Multiple Repos
Support for packrat, devtools, install.packages
Monitor and Audit Package Usage
Basic Setup High Availability Air-Gapped Environment
Operating System RHEL / CentOS 6+/7+; SUSE 12 SP3+; Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 RHEL / CentOS 6+/7+; SUSE 12 SP3+; Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 RHEL / CentOS 6+/7+; SUSE 12 SP3+; Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04
Internet Access Requirements Access to Access to 1 online machine with access to

1 or more offline servers.

Server Sizing 1 server; 2 core, 2GB RAM 2 servers; 2 core / server, 2 GB RAM / server Online machine: 2 core, 2 GB RAM.

Offline machine(s):  2 cores / server, 2 GB RAM / server

Disk Space 50 GB 50 GB on Shared Storage (e.g. NFS) Online and offline servers each need 200 GB
Database SQLite (Included) Postgres (External) SQLite or Postgres