RStudio for the Enterprise

RStudio Server Pro is the preferred data analysis and integrated development experience for professional R users and data science teams who use R and Python. RStudio Server Pro enables the collaboration, centralized management, metrics, security, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale.

New Features in Standard and Enterprise

Remote Interactive Sessions

Start R and Python processes within various systems such as Kubernetes and SLURM with Launcher.

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Remote Jobs

Submit computationally expensive R scripts to your compute clusters with Launcher.

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Use Jupyter

Author and edit your Python code with Jupyter using the same RStudio Server infrastructure.

RStudio Server Pro Standard and Enterprise Features

  • Develop in RStudio, Jupyter and VS Code (in beta)
  • Load balancing
  • Tutorial API
  • Data connectivity and RStudio Professional Drivers

  • Collaboration and project sharing
  • Scale with Kubernetes and SLURM
  • Authentication, access, & security
  • Run multiple concurrent R and Python sessions

  • Remote execution with Launcher
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Advanced R and Python session management

Use multiple
versions of R
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Collaborate and
share projects
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Run multiple concurrent R and Python sessions
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RStudio Server Pro Editions


Single Server Activation

A good choice for getting started. Includes one server activation. Optional licenses for high availability and staging available.

  • 5+ RStudio Server Pro Users
  • Staging and High Availability Optional Purchase


Unrestricted Server Activations

The best choice for larger teams, several groups, or for virtualized IT environments. Offers complete deployment flexibility with unrestricted server activations.

  • 10+ RStudio Server Pro Users
  • Staging and High Availability Included

Consider RStudio Team

RStudio Server Pro is just one part of RStudio’s recommended professional data science solution. Get the convenience, simplicity, and savings of RStudio’s popular professional software for statistical data analysis, package management, and sharing data products bundled together. Available in editions for smaller and larger organizations. Learn more