Download RStudio Server for SLES / openSUSE

Download RStudio Server for SLES / openSUSE


RStudio Server requires openSUSE or SLES version 15 SP 3 (or higher).

Installing R

You can install R for SUSE Linux using the instructions on the CRAN SUSE download page:

Note that the binaries linked to from this page have one additional requirement that isn’t satisfied using the default repositories. Before installing R you should install the libgfortran43 package. This package is available from the SUSE Linux Enterprise SDK. If the SDK repository is available in your environment you can install libgfortran43 as follows:

sudo zypper install libgfortran43

Install for SUSE Enterprise Linux 15

If your SUSE installation requires packages to be signed, first import RStudio's code signing certificate. Then, to download and install RStudio Server, open a terminal window and execute the following commands:

Size:  68.51 MB
| SHA-256: 33bfac2f |
Version:  2022.07.2+576|
Released:  2022-09-21

sudo zypper install rstudio-server-2022.07.2-576-x86_64.rpm

Next Steps

See the Getting Started document for information on configuring and managing the server.