RStudio Preview Release Notes 2017-07-31T18:10:44+00:00

RStudio v1.1.414 Preview Release Notes – January 13th, 2018

NOTE: The version of RStudio described here is currently available as a Preview Release.


  • New Connections tab for working with a wide variety of data sources
  • Connections to data sources are saved and can be easily reconnected and reused
  • Objects inside data sources can be browsed and contents viewed inside RStudio
  • Works with ODBC data sources and Spark, and can integrate with other R packages


  • New Terminal tab for fluid shell interaction within the IDE
  • Support for xterm emulation including color output and full-screen console apps
  • Support for multiple terminals, each with persistent scrollback buffer
  • Web links in terminal can be clicked and opened in default browser (new tab for server)
  • Windows terminal supports multiple terminal shell types
    • Git Bash, if installed
    • Command Prompt (cmd.exe), 32-bit and 64-bit depending on OS support
    • PowerShell, 32-bit and 64-bit depending on OS support
    • Bash on Windows Subsystem for Linux, if installed on 64-bit Windows 10
  • Default Windows terminal shell type set in new Global Options/Terminal preferences pane

Object Explorer

  • New view for the exploration of hierarchical / deeply-nested R objects
  • Can recursively inspect R lists, environments, functions, S4 objects
  • Integration with the xml2 package for exploration of XML documents
  • Generate R code that can be used to access a particular item within object


  • New flat, modern UI theme
  • New dark theme option
  • Retina-quality icons throughout

Data Import

  • Add support for all file encodings supported by R
  • Restore text import dialog from previous releases (uses only base R functions)
  • Code generator in import dialog now creates a relative path to data file

R Markdown

  • Added option to specify the working directory when executing R Markdown chunks
  • Added option to set preview mode (in viewer, window, etc.) in YAML header
  • Added option to skip knitting before publishing in YAML header
  • Multiline strings in YAML header are now properly highlighted

R Notebooks

  • Python chunks now respect virtualenv if present
  • ‘Rename in Scope’ now works within R chunks
  • Global chunk options (e.g. ‘echo’) now properly respected in Notebook mode
  • Fixed an issue where non-R chunk output could become duplicated
  • Added option to set notebook mode in the document’s YAML header
  • Allow setting default chunk connection option to raw connection object
  • Added an ‘Use paged tables’ checkbox under chunk options popup

Git Integration

  • Add support for creating new Git branches and setting upstream remotes
  • Git branch list is now searchable
  • RStudio warns when attempting to commit large files (>10 MB)
  • Implemented ‘ignore whitespace’ option for Git Diff view
  • Wait for index.lock file to clear before performing git operations (with recovery)
  • Improve handling of paths containing special characters


  • ANSI escape code support in console for colored output
  • Add support for custom, user-provided project templates
  • Add support for middle-click pasting using X11 global selection (Linux Desktop only)
  • Document cursor position is now saved and restored between RStudio sessions
  • Addins are now fully searchable in dropdown toolbar menu
  • Add support for changing editor tabs with the mouse wheel
  • Snippets can now be inserted in the R console
  • Add option to knit in current working directory or project directory
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Enter in Help pane now sends selected example code to console
  • View(vignette(…)) now opens editor with vignette source
  • Ctrl+P/Ctrl+N to visit previous/next console history line (like readline)
  • Ctrl+R to search console history incrementally (like readline)
  • New “Copy To” command in Files pane to copy and rename in one step
  • F2 in source editor opens data frame under cursor in a new tab
  • Highlight markdown inside ROxygen comments
  • Minor fixes to C++ syntax highlighting
  • Added syntax highlighting for TOML files
  • Improve performance of autocompletion for installed packages
  • Add option to run multiple consecutive lines of R with Ctrl+Enter
  • Add commands to run a line, statement, or consecutive lines
  • Add Clear Console button to top of Console pane
  • Add option to wrap around when navigating to previous or next editor tab
  • Allow opening directories as projects (Server and macOS only)
  • Vim: Use ]f and [f to open adjacent files on the file system
  • Show disambiguation in overflow list when two editor tabs have the same filename
  • Respect control characters in error output; makes e.g. curl output correct
  • Add new cheat sheet links to Help: Data Import, Interfacing Spark
  • macOS: Always show project label on dock tiles
  • Remove 100 column limit in data viewer
  • Make columns in data viewer resizable
  • Add option to kill child processes when session exits
  • Upgrade to pandoc
  • Remove Packrat package sync notifications; replace with Check Library Status command
  • Add support for ligature coding fonts in RStudio Desktop for Windows and Linux
  • Server Pro: Add option to disable file uploads
  • Server Pro: Upgrade to TurboActivate 4.0; improves licensing
  • Server Pro: Add support for floating (lease-based) licenses
  • Server Pro: Show the size of suspended sessions
  • Server Pro: Add user-defined session labels
  • Server Pro: Upgrade to nginx 1.12.0
  • Server Pro: Add support for NFSv4 Access Control Lists in Project Sharing
  • Server Pro: Add support for user-initiated session quit and force-terminate
  • Server Pro: Add support for admin-supplied notifications in R sessions
  • Server Pro: New session-timeout-kill-hours option to expire and cleanly remove old R sessions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where dragging tabs out multiple times could revert contents to older version
  • macOS: fixed ‘crash on wake’ issue with late-2016 Macbooks
  • Fixed mangling of YAML header string values containing backticks
  • Fixed mangling of YAML indentation when re-indenting R Markdown documents
  • File downloads from the internal browser are now saved correctly on Linux and Windows
  • Rendering or running an R Markdown document no longer saves it unnecessarily
  • ‘Insert assignment operator’ shortcut now works on Firefox
  • Fixed issue where ‘execute current statement’ behaved poorly with unclosed statements
  • Fixed issue where tibble warnings could be emitted by autocompletion engine
  • Fixed issue where ‘Copy Plot to Clipboard’ from Viewer failed with macOS Sierra
  • Fixed issue where keybinding changes were not reflected in popped-out windows
  • Fix hang when replacing a misspelled word with word and punctuation
  • Fixed issue where cursor would begin blinking even when ‘Blinking Cursor’ preference disabled
  • Editor now responds correctly when renaming an open file using the Files pane
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the data viewer cache to contain orphaned entries
  • Fixed highlighting of Markdown text within Markdown blockquote
  • Invoke R without –vanilla when building R Markdown websites
  • Fixed an issue in which R Markdown documents could get stuck in notebook mode
  • Fixed an issue preventing plain .md files from being published if not rendered
  • Fixed runtime crashes in R packages that use Boost libraries
  • Fixed startup crashes associated with Boost regular expressions
  • Fixed an issue where scroll position in History pane could be lost when losing focus
  • Improve stability of crashed session recovery system
  • Fixed issues arising from restoring a session suspended with a different R version
  • Color errors in the R console correctly when resuming a session
  • Fixed an issue in which notebook tables would not print data with lists of lists
  • Server Pro: Fix issue with dirty indicator/saving after collaborative editing ends
  • Server Pro: Fix issue with using multiple R versions feature when multi-session is off