RStudio Preview Release Notes

RStudio v2023.09.1+494.pro2 Preview Release Notes

“Spotted Wakerobin”, October 18th, 2023


  • Support for v2 format of Quarto crossref index


  • Fix for schema version comparison that breaks db in downgrade -> upgrade scenarios (rstudio-pro#3572)
  • Fix for Quarto crossref indexing/completion not working with Quarto v1.0
  • Fixed homepage session status problems (rstudio-pro#3644, #3671, and #3669)
  • Fixed regression in spotted-wakerobin that prevented sessions from starting when launcher-sessions-use-password=1 (rstudio-pro#3664)
  • Fixes the bug introduced with rlang >= 1.03 where Rmd documents show the error message object 'partition_yaml_front_matter' not found upon project startup (#11552)
  • Fixed regression in spotted-wakerobin that prevents R sessions from starting when the crashhandler reports an error (#11717)
  • Fixed problems with load balancing when database connections are timed out, and fail to restore (pro #3714)
  • Fixed an issue where chunks containing multibyte characters was not executed correctly (#10632)
  • Fixed an issue with signing the Ubuntu 22 package by switching the compression to a supported type
  • Fixed visual mode outline missing nested R code chunks (#11410)
  • Fixed Cannot read property 'python' error when creating new projects on some systems (#11769)

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