RStudio v1.2.1502-1 Preview Release Notes – April 16th, 2019

NOTE: The version of RStudio described here is currently available as a Preview Release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pane configuration being reset after customization (#2101)
  • Fix issue where middle click failed to close editor tabs (#4379)
  • Fix incorrect application of C++ project compilation options to non-project files (#4404)
  • Fix issues on MacOS with command line tool headers when /usr/include is missing (#4405)
  • Fix issue where attempts to run R debugger in .Rprofile could hang RStudio (#4443)
  • Fix parsing multi-line expressions with single brackets inside strings (#4452)
  • Improve detection of remote sessions on Windows (#4466)
  • Fix issue where text in prompts would fail to display on macOS Mojave (#4497)
  • Fix “Reload App” button for Shiny applications in Firefox on RStudio Server (#4552)
  • Fix issue where themes without names would not use the file name as a name instead (#4553)
  • Fix NULL in code preview on first attempt to import data (#4563)

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Improve detection of current working directory for terminals on macOS (#4570)
  • Update to Pandoc 2.7.2 on Windows to address occasional segfaults (#4618)