RStudio Preview Release Notes

RStudio v2021.09.0-preview+341.pro5 Preview Release Notes

“Ghost Orchid”, September 1st, 2021

  • Changed from semantic versioning to calendar based versioning (Pro #2652)
  • Projects containing a Python environment are now automatically activated (#9489)


  • In an effort to help make the RStudio Team products more cohesive, logging has been changed significantly.
  • By default, server logs will now be written to file instead of syslog. Warnings and errors will still log to syslog. This can be controlled by the warn-syslog parameter in logging.conf.
  • By default, server logs will now be written under /var/log/rstudio/rstudio-server.
  • Logs can now be written in JSON lines format.
  • Reloading the logging.conf configuration by sending a SIGHUP to the rserver process will now cause all RStudio managed subprocesses to also refresh their logging configuration.
  • Logging can now be partially configured using environment variables (RS_LOGGER_TYPE, RS_LOG_LEVEL, RS_LOG_MESSAGE_FORMAT, and RS_LOG_DIR).
  • Log files will now rotate by time in addition to the existing rotation by file size. This can be controlled by the rotate-days parameter in logging.conf.
  • For more information, see section 2 of the Admin Guide.

RStudio Workbench

  • Load-balancing configuration is now automatic, stored in the internal database, and doesn’t require editing config files. Added supporting rstudio-server list-nodes command to show users the node’s status according to the database. (Pro #2167)
  • Added rstudio-server delete-node command to allow users to remove a load-balancing node from the database (Pro #2800)
  • Added AWS Cognito support to OpenID integration (Pro #2313)
  • Add file uploads and downloads to session audit log (Pro #2226)
  • RStudio Workbench can now run without root access in a single-user mode (Pro #9496)
  • Updated embedded nginx in Server Pro to 1.20.1 (Pro #2676)
  • Use separate database schema for open source RStudio Server instances (rstudio-os) and RStudio Workbench instances (rstudio) to avoid conflicts (Pro #2725)
  • Prevent user preferences from setting CRAN repos when allow-cran-repos-edit=0 (Pro #1301)
  • Ensure that improperly configured launcher-sessions-callback-address values can’t hang user sessions (Pro #2532)
  • Support username aliases, where two usernames map to the same uid (Pro #2736)


  • Fixed issue where running Python chunk in notebook did not validate reticulate was installed (#9471)
  • Fixed issue where .md, .py, .sql, and .stan files had duplicate event handlers (#9106)
  • Fixed issue where output when running tests could be emitted in wrong order in Build pane (#5126)
  • Fixed issue where RStudio could crash when viewing a malformed data.frame (#9364)
  • Fixed issue where completion tooltip was erroneously shown in multi-line strings in some cases (#8677)
  • Fixed issue with autocompletion of column names within native-piped R expressions (#9385)
  • Fixed issue where help requests for Python objects would fail with reticulate 1.20 (#9311)
  • Fixed issue where busy sessions can’t be interrupted and block basic file operations (#2038)
  • Fixed issue where R Markdown error output was not properly formatted when displayed (#9390)
  • Fixed issue where R Markdown template skeletons with a ‘.rmd’ extension were not discovered (Pro #1607)
  • Fixed issue where autocompletion system could emit errors with R (< 3.3.0). (Pro #2680)
  • Fixed issues causing multiple background jobs to be created when running Shiny applications in the background (#8746, #6904)
  • Fixed issue causing an error when adding files to static content published to RStudio Connect (#9571)
  • Fixed issue where R banner could be displayed twice on startup (#6907)
  • Fixed issue where RStudio was unable to initialize a Git repository in UNC paths on Windows (#4137)
  • Removed the breaking change introduced in Juliet Rose that changed the behavior of the X-Forwarded-Proto header when RSW is behind a proxy server (Pro #2657)
  • Fixed issue where adjacent links in the Visual Editor could merge into a single link (#8471)
  • Fixed Issue where items deleted from a local Zotero Collection would still appear in the Visual Editor’s Insert Citation dialog.
  • Fixed issue where Console width was computed incorrectly with some custom fonts (#8696)
  • Fixed two 502 errors with load balancing: quick session restart, and failover for non-launcher sessions (Pro #2696)
  • Fixed problem with backspace in terminal causing incorrect display (#9249)


  • BREAKING: RStudio Desktop Pro only supports activation with license files (Pro #2300)
  • BREAKING: The session-env-var-save-blacklist option has been renamed to session-ephemeral-env-vars.
  • BREAKING: The directory-view-whitelist option has been renamed to directory-view-allow-list.
  • Update bundled Pandoc to version 2.14.1
  • Fixed an issue where scroll position in PDFs was not preserved on re-render (#9603)
  • Support highlight of ‘css’ and ‘asis’ chunks in R Markdown documents (#4821)
  • Improved ordering of completion results within library() calls (#9293)
  • Syntax support for embedded knitr chunks (#9579)
  • Add option to synchronize the Files pane with the current working directory in R (#4615)
  • Add new Set Working Directory command to context menu for source files (#6781)
  • Local background jobs can now be replayed (#5548)
  • Improved display of R stack traces in R functions invoked internally by RStudio (#9307)
  • High DPI (“Retina”) plots are now supported on RStudio Server (#3896)
  • The “auto-detect indentation” preference is now off by default (#9211)
  • Make the Use renv with this project option sticky, and allow setting by admins (Pro #2671)
  • RStudio no longer treats R objects containing null external pointers specially when building Environment pane (#5546)
  • Make Cmd+Shift+0 the shortcut for restarting session on MacOS (#7695)
  • Update Plumber file template for Plumber 1.0 (#9402)
  • Support creating supplemental groups when create-container-user=1 (Pro #2276)
  • RStudio addins installed within tools:::R_user_dir(<pkg>, "config") are now discovered by RStudio. (#9648)

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