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RStudio v1.2.1060-2 Preview — Release Notes

A preview release of RStudio v1.2.1060-2 is now available for testing and feedback.

This early preview of RStudio 1.2 includes the following features:

  • Author and preview D3 visualizations and embed them in R Notebooks, via the r2d3 package.
  • Improved support for SQL; author, run and preview SQL query results.
  • Integrated support for the reticulate package (call Python code from within R sessions and R Notebooks).
  • New testing tools; run testthat and shinytest tests and view results.
  • Support for PowerPoint presentations in R Markdown.
  • Integration with the keyring package to store secrets such as database passwords.
  • Integration with the Plumber package; author and test APIs inside RStudio and publish them to RStudio Connect
  • Support for background jobs; run any R script in the background, view progress and output, and collect results when complete.
  • An upgraded rendering engine based on Chromium, which improves performance and visual quality.

See v1.2.1060-2 Release Notes for full details on all of the changes in this release.

Desktop Version

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Windows 7+ 122.7 MB 2018-10-16 7f1840c8fbb700432ec4b9b9765f4153
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Mac OS X 10.12+ (64-bit) 115.5 MB 2018-10-16 094a9557dedef33053508346d99f0674
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit) 91.9 MB 2018-10-16 93f4061118029681eb16935a2d7f46a9
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Fedora 19+/RedHat 7+ (64-bit) 129.5 MB 2018-10-16 74fbef6d1ea460c5cf7e8a58bfc2e2b4
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 112.3 MB 2018-10-16 48e77d0a2ded3196718ae14b88201cd4
RStudio 1.2.1060 - OpenSUSE 15+ (64-bit) 113.3 MB 2018-10-16 ce3d129d60ac1720c3ff5459a15f2c9f
RStudio 1.2.1060 - SLES/OpenSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 94.4 MB 2018-10-16 651d8447ccf078d73cc97d37ea901c95


Zip/tar archives Size Date MD5
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Windows 7+ 180 MB 2018-10-16 dcf04a420a80c1bf3bc34cafdf2f00be
RStudio 1.2.1060 - Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit) 137.5 MB 2018-10-16 6759a890337c372c428ab82902df5f8e


Server Version

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio Server 1.2.1060 - Ubuntu 12.04+/Debian 8 (64-bit) 36.2 MB 2018-10-16 28d1b9acf93097ba222a438ce85882f5
RStudio Server 1.2.1060 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 37.3 MB 2018-10-16 277119d1cfa42877332ebfbabfff9489
RStudio Server 1.2.1060 - Redhat/CentOS 6+ (64-bit) 46.8 MB 2018-10-16 63621ac57c547782edc56d4ebef72581
RStudio Server 1.2.1060 - SLES/openSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 37.9 MB 2018-10-16 f847e811d21d3eb4929167dfdb06f8ee

Server Pro Version

NOTE: The preview of RStudio Server Pro uses your existing license of RStudio Server Pro. If you haven’t yet licensed the product then the preview provides a 45-day evaluation version subject to the RStudio End User License Agreement.

By downloading the product you acknowledge that you either have an existing license for RStudio Server Pro or that you are evaluating the product and agree to the terms of the RStudio End User License Agreement.

Preview builds are intended for testing purposes, do not fall under our support agreement, and are not recommended for use in production. For stable builds, please visit our main RStudio download page.

RStudio Server Pro v1.2.1060-2 Admin Guide

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1060-2 - Ubuntu 12.04+/Debian 8 (64-bit) 51.2 MB 2018-10-16 fd2dd870355d9a3dd761466a17c90df5
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1060-2 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 54.9 MB 2018-10-16 f4481e48c5ff080c37e7667ebb052572
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1060-2 - Redhat/CentOS 6+ (64-bit) 70.2 MB 2018-10-16 d83f0ea789d46e97ae03164c994b9eb7
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1060-2 - SLES/openSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 53.8 MB 2018-10-16 a668657c7c5af779756004e6172e22fd