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RStudio v1.2.1186-1 Preview — Release Notes

A preview release of RStudio v1.2.1186-1 is now available for testing and feedback.

This early preview of RStudio 1.2 includes the following features:

  • Author and preview D3 visualizations and embed them in R Notebooks, via the r2d3 package.
  • Improved support for SQL; author, run and preview SQL query results.
  • Integrated support for the reticulate package (call Python code from within R sessions and R Notebooks).
  • New testing tools; run testthat and shinytest tests and view results.
  • Support for PowerPoint presentations in R Markdown.
  • Integration with the keyring package to store secrets such as database passwords.
  • Integration with the Plumber package; author and test APIs inside RStudio and publish them to RStudio Connect
  • Support for background jobs; run any R script in the background, view progress and output, and collect results when complete.
  • An upgraded rendering engine based on Chromium, which improves performance and visual quality.

See v1.2.1186-1 Release Notes for full details on all of the changes in this release.

Desktop Version

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Windows 7+ 124 MB 2018-12-10 4a8d08c98c6d65155869ab2ddae503f9
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Mac OS X 10.12+ (64-bit) 115.4 MB 2018-12-10 d27da5371f5b9190bac8755e20b28b2f
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit) 91.8 MB 2018-12-10 4f3dbbd89209cbde3263b3455ebfee24
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Fedora 19+/RedHat 7+ (64-bit) 129.3 MB 2018-12-10 fa98bb8876982d93d81e287b659071b2
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 111.8 MB 2018-12-10 c1260450d8ffa2afd1942653aab01c83
RStudio 1.2.1186 - OpenSUSE 15+ (64-bit) 112.9 MB 2018-12-10 fd2298994edce97c83ba7c743e6761b5
RStudio 1.2.1186 - SLES/OpenSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 94 MB 2018-12-10 f4c7d4d3782defc74ccdf7fd8eda3cb5


Zip/tar archives Size Date MD5
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Windows 7+ 181.9 MB 2018-12-10 73938862b7b656d9a774ccc3981171ea
RStudio 1.2.1186 - Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit) 137.4 MB 2018-12-10 7986661e7dab33b5f3ba70ff1fbef7f3


Server Version

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio Server 1.2.1186 - Ubuntu 12.04+/Debian 8 (64-bit) 36.2 MB 2018-12-10 e4e337b574cf9d94041deb4b1e2a4fe2
RStudio Server 1.2.1186 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 36.8 MB 2018-12-10 7b6e9c17fca881d33bb1eb1f16ad351a
RStudio Server 1.2.1186 - Redhat/CentOS 6+ (64-bit) 46.7 MB 2018-12-10 e79b2dd662b1c4d74fe5eaffa851b1d9
RStudio Server 1.2.1186 - SLES/openSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 37.5 MB 2018-12-10 df921364806fef76ee3bf062c67488fc

Server Pro Version

NOTE: The preview of RStudio Server Pro uses your existing license of RStudio Server Pro. If you haven’t yet licensed the product then the preview provides a 45-day evaluation version subject to the RStudio End User License Agreement.

By downloading the product you acknowledge that you either have an existing license for RStudio Server Pro or that you are evaluating the product and agree to the terms of the RStudio End User License Agreement.

Preview builds are intended for testing purposes, do not fall under our support agreement, and are not recommended for use in production. For stable builds, please visit our main RStudio download page.

RStudio Server Pro v1.2.1186-1 Admin Guide

Installers Size Date MD5
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1186-1 - Ubuntu 12.04+/Debian 8 (64-bit) 51.7 MB 2018-12-10 120dee4c2b662f903a8ad647ae840dc6
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1186-1 - Debian 9+ (64-bit) 56.5 MB 2018-12-10 778232f148b62bddb7ca1b3583edcf7a
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1186-1 - Redhat/CentOS 6+ (64-bit) 71.7 MB 2018-12-10 90754fc14b7ad901833f54dab310f222
RStudio Server Pro 1.2.1186-1 - SLES/openSUSE 12+ (64-bit) 54.2 MB 2018-12-10 2f674985bb06f7c1499351a224f79dd0