RStudio v0.94.110


  • Fix Ubuntu 64-bit packaging issue that was introduced in 0.94.109

0.94.110 — October 3rd, 2011

Source Editor

  • Fix Ubuntu 64-bit packaging issue that was introduced in 0.94.109

0.94.109 — October 3rd, 2011

Source Editor

  • Fix intermittent problems with autoindent

0.94.106 — September 22nd, 2011

R 2.14

  • Temporarily disable support for dev.hold / dev.flush (need to buffer flushes to reduce http round trips)

0.94.105 — September 12th, 2011

R 2.14

  • Support for Graphics Engine v9 (dev.hold, dev.flush, and dev.capabilities)
  • Parallel package compatibility (corrected problem with child process signal handling)
  • Eliminate readLines warning (for incomplete last line) from startup and after source of active document

0.94.102 — August 22nd, 2011


  • Enforce editor file size limits (1MB warning, 5MB absolute limit) in desktop mode
  • Improved track-pad responsiveness for scrolling on OSX Lion
  • Use short file name variant for R.home() on Windows
  • Use privileged mode for PAM authentication on Ubuntu
  • Correct escaping of apostrophes in settings files
  • Enable select none button in package update dialog

0.94.92 — July 11th, 2011

Source Editor and Console

  • Added Source with Echo command (Ctrl-Shift-Enter)
  • Editor toolbar menu for specifying default source echo behavior
  • Sourcing of saved files uses file’s path rather than temporary file
  • Change Run All shortcut to Ctrl-Shift+R and remove from toolbar
  • All commands from multiline input are recalled by up-arrow
  • Correctly handle spacing for ampersands within quotes
  • Fix for misalignment of text with embedded tabs
  • Correct indentation behavior when in hard tab mode


  • Improved detection of TeX installation on OS X
  • Prevent activation of external console window on Windows


  • Correct state for dev.interactive even when graphics device not yet loaded
  • Delegate to shell for unknown file types in desktop mode
  • Eliminate warning messages resulting from display of bquote assignments in workspace
  • Skip reading of .DS_Store files in source database directory
  • Prevent crash when timestamp is called from .Rprofile on Windows

0.94.82 — June 15th, 2011

Source Editor and Console

  • Run code:

    • Run all lines in source file
    • Run to current line
    • Run from current line
    • Redefine current function
    • Re-run previous region
    • Code is now run line-by-line in the console
  • Brace, paren, and quote matching

  • Improved cursor placement after newlines

  • Support for regex find and replace

  • Optional syntax highlighting for console input

  • Press F1 for help on current selection

  • Function navigation / jump to function

  • Column and line number display

  • Manually set/switch document type

  • New themes: Solarized and Solarized Dark


  • Improved image export:

    • Formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, BMP, Metafile, and Postscript
    • Dynamic resize with preview
    • Option to maintain aspect ratio when resizing
    • Copy to clipboard as bitmap or metafile
  • Improved PDF export:

    • Specify custom sizes
    • Preview before exporting
  • Remove individual plots from history

  • Resizable plot zoom window


  • History tab synced to loaded .Rhistory file

  • New commands:

    • Load and save history
    • Remove individual items from history
    • Clear all history
  • New options:

    • Load history from working directory or global history file
    • Save history always or only when saving .RData
    • Remove duplicate entries in history
  • Shortcut keys for inserting into console or source


  • Check for package updates

  • Filter displayed packages

  • Install multiple packages

  • Remove packages

  • New options:

    • Install from repository or local archive file
    • Target library
    • Install dependencies


  • Find text within help topic
  • Sort file listing by name, type, size, or modified
  • Set working directory based on source file, files pane, or browsed for directory.
  • Console titlebar button to view current working directory in files pane
  • Source file menu command
  • Replace space and dash with dot (.) in import dataset generated variable names
  • Add decimal separator preference for import dataset
  • Added .tar.gz (Linux) and .zip (Windows) distributions for non-admin installs
  • Read /etc/paths.d on OS X to ensure RStudio has the same path as terminal sessions do
  • Added manifest to rsession.exe to prevent unwanted program files and registry virtualization


  • Break PAM auth into its own binary for improved compatibility with 3rd party PAM authorization modules.

  • Ensure that AppArmor profile is enforced even after reboot

  • Ability to add custom LD library path for all sessions

  • Improved R discovery:

    • Use which R then fallback to scanning for R script
    • Run R discovery unconfined then switch into restricted profile
  • Default to uncompressed save.image output if the administrator or user hasn’t specified their own options (improved suspend/resume performance)

  • Ensure all running sessions are automatically updated during server version upgrade

  • Added verify-installation command to rstudio-server utility for easily capturing configuration and startup related errors

Bug Fixes

  • Undo to unedited state clears now dirty bit

  • Extract function now captures free variables used on lhs

  • Selected variable highlight now visible in all themes

  • Syncing to source file updates made outside of RStudio now happens immediately at startup and does not cause a scroll to the bottom of the document.

  • Fixed various issues related to copying and pasting into word processors

  • Fixed incorrect syntax highlighting issues in .Rd files

  • Make sure font size for printed source files matches current editor setting

  • Eliminate conflict with Ctrl+F shortcut key on OS X

  • Zoomed Google Chrome browser no longer causes cursor position to be off

  • Don’t prevent opening of unknown file types in the editor

  • Fixed sporadic missing underscores (and other bottom clipping of text) in console

  • Make sure console history is never displayed offscreen

  • Page Up and Page Down now work properly in the console

  • Substantially improved console performance for both rapid output and large quantities of output

  • Install successfully on Windows with special characters in home directory name

  • make install more tolerant of configurations where it can’t write into /usr/share

  • Eliminate spurious stderr output in forked children of multicore package

  • Ensure that file modified times always update in the files pane after a save

  • Always default to installing packages into first writeable path of .libPaths()

  • Ensure that LaTeX log files are always preserved after compilePdf

  • Fix conflicts with zap function from epicalc package

  • Eliminate shortcut key conflicts with Ubuntu desktop workspace switching shortcuts

  • Always prompt when attempting to save files of the same name

  • Maximized main window now properly restored when reopening RStudio

  • PAM authorization works correctly even if account has password expiration warning

  • Correct display of manipulate panel when Plots pane is on the left