RStudio v0.95.265


  • Fix R 2.15 startup problem when libraries with missing dependencies are loaded in .Rprofile

0.95.263 — March 15th, 2012


  • Shortcuts no longer disabled after showing SVN commit dialog

0.95.262 — February 28th, 2012


  • Fix JPEG, TIFF, and BMP plot exporting for R 2.14 on OS X

0.95.261 — February 15th, 2012

Source Editor

  • Bypass corrupt source documents on startup

0.95.258 — January 31st, 2012

Version Control

  • Git https authentication now works on Mac OS X
  • Fix for startup problems when a pane layout includes only a (hidden) Git or SVN panel


  • Fixed various issues with project paths containing non-Ascii characters on Windows
  • Eliminate spurious display of scrollbars for History pane with Ubuntu Mono typeface
  • Correctly launch Chrome on Windows for external URLs (when it is the default system browser)

0.95.256 — January 25th, 2012


  • Create projects that enable easy switching between working directories

  • Each project has its own RStudio context:

    • R session
    • Open source documents
    • Arrangement of panes
    • History
    • Saved workspace (.RData)
  • All R code within a project is indexed for quick navigation by filename or function

  • Projects can be bound to version control repositories (Git or Subversion)

  • File-association for .Rproj files to open projects from the shell

  • Open multiple instances of RStudio with different projects concurrently

Code Navigation

  • Quickly navigate to any file or function within a project using typeahead search

  • Go To Function Definition:

    • Go to the definition of function currently at the cursor (F2 or Ctrl+Click)
    • Works for both indexed source code as well as functions defined within packages
    • Special handling for S3/S4 methods with multiple definitions
  • Back and Forward commands for quickly traversing navigation contexts (including tab switches)

Version Control

  • Integrated support for binding projects to Git and Subversion repositories

  • Git/SVN pane:

    • View current changelist
    • Stage or revert changes
    • Push/pull/update
    • Switch branches
  • Review changes window:

    • Diff pending changes
    • Incremental stage/discard of chunks (Git)
    • All functions from Git/Svn pane also available
  • History window:

    • View the history of all changelists (and their associated diffs) for a project
    • View changelists that affect only a specific file or directory
    • Filter changelists by subject (Git)

Other New Features

  • Support for multiple concurrent instances of RStudio

  • Global toolbar for accessing common file/navigational commands

  • Source editor improvements:

    • Jump to Line
    • Reindent Lines
    • Automatically re-indent lines on paste
    • Save All and Close All commands
    • Immediate refresh of documents changed in external editors
  • Manipulate package:

    • Button control
    • Function to capture mouse coordinates (manipulatorMouseClick)
  • Shell command:

    • Desktop: open system terminal in current directory
    • Web: open web-based terminal in current directory
  • Use native Ubuntu monospace and proportional fonts on newer Ubuntu systems (11.10+)

  • Support for \1..\99 and \n, \r, \t in regex search & replace

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly highlight variables which include dot (.) in their names
  • Prevent unmapped command keys on OSX from inserting characters in the editor
  • Correctly handle context-sensitive help requests for functions which include underscore (_) in their names.
  • Remove syntax highlighting for strings within LaTeX.
  • Improve precision of click-selection on variables in the editor
  • F1-help now works properly for Google Chrome browsers
  • Don’t auto-insert matching quotes for string-terminating quotes
  • Disable quote-matching in Roxygen comments
  • Fix cursor-position issues in soft-wrapped documents
  • Run function definition now works correctly on Windows
  • Preserve scroll position for History pane across activations
  • Fix re-rendering of R 2.14 lattice plots after server suspend/resume
  • data.css is now correctly served when running behind a reverse proxy