RStudio v1.0.44


  • Authoring tools for R Notebooks.
  • Integrated support for the sparklyr package (R interface to Spark).
  • Enhanced data import tools based on the readr, readxl and haven packages.
  • Performance profiling via integration with the profvis package.
  • Authoring tools for R Markdown websites and the bookdown package.
  • Many other miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.

R Notebooks

  • Authoring tools for R Notebooks
  • Inline display for text, latex, tabular data, graphics, and htmlwidgets in source editor
  • All code and output saved within a single notebook HTML file (.nb.html)
  • Multiple language engines including Python, Bash, SQL, Rcpp, and Stan
  • Tools for running various combinations of chunks (current, next, previous, remaining)

Data Import

  • Import dataset from text via readr
  • Import dataset from Excel via readxl
  • Import dataset from SAS, SPSS, and Stata via haven
  • Preview data while importing datasets
  • Explicitly set column types while importing datasets
  • Preview and copy code while importing datasets


  • Profiling features based on the profvis package
  • Visualize profiling results within the IDE
  • Profile menu enables easy stop/start of profiling or profiling of selected lines.
  • Save and load of previous profiling sessions

RStudio Connect

  • Publish reports, applications, and plots to RStudio Connect
  • One-click deployment of Shiny applications
  • Publish and schedule periodic execution of R Markdown reports
  • Set which users and/or groups have permission to view content


  • Integrated support for the sparklyr package
  • Create and manage connections to Spark clusters and local Spark instances
  • Browse tables and columns of Spark DataFrames
  • Preview the first 1,000 rows of Spark DataFrames

Source Editor

  • Ctrl+Enter now executes current R statement when selection is empty
  • Use Shift+Click to open web links in source editor (Command+Click on OS X)
  • Enabled auto-pairing of backticks
    in R documents
  • Fixed regression re: folding of unnamed sections, e.g. ‘#####’
  • Implemented folding for sub-sections in R documents
  • Added option for display of ‘end’ fold markers
  • Display function tooltip on mouse over of function name
  • Added option to display function signature tooltip on cursor idle
  • Autocompletion allows mismatch between ‘.’, ‘_’ in token
  • Improvements to refactoring utility ‘Rename in Scope’
  • Expand selection command learns how to expand to current statement
  • Added (as unbound command) Sublime Text style ‘Quick Add Next’
  • The various ‘yank’ commands are now rebindable (Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U)
  • Insert assignment operator (Alt+-, ‘<-’) is now rebindable
  • Insert pipe operator (Cmd+Shift+M, ‘%>%’) is now rebindable
  • Enable implementors of .DollarNames to provide custom types

R Markdown

  • Inline preview for MathJax equations
  • Show custom formats in Knit menu
  • Show options menu and Knit w/ Params for custom formats
  • Use “Run Document” for custom formats with runtime: shiny
  • Add option to suppress Knit preview entirely
  • Add R Markdown pane to global options dialog
  • Build tab and preview support for R Markdown websites
  • Various enhancements for authoring with the bookdown package
  • Add command to clear knitr cache
  • Update pandoc to 1.17.2
  • Update MathJax to 2.6.1


  • Provide autocompletion of header paths
  • Syntax highlighting of raw, wide, unicode string literals (e.g R“hello”)


  • Added session-default-working-dir and session-default-new-project-dir options
  • Added sudo, lsb-release, and libssl1.0.0 packages to Debian dependencies
  • Server Pro: Auditing for authentication and session start/suspend/exit events
  • Server Pro: Ability to configure per-user and per-group session timeouts
  • Server Pro: Ability to include custom HTML within server sign-in page
  • Server Pro: Update to Nginx 1.10.1


  • Improved performance of ‘Find in Files’ tool
  • Attempting to cut or copy with an empty selection no longer clears the clipboard
  • Files pane now has a fixed header row
  • Attempting to check out remote git branch now checks out local copy tracking remote
  • Published plots are larger and responsive to changes in browser size
  • Implement gt/gT bindings in Vim mode to switch to next/previous tab
  • Always provide file completions for top-level current directory
  • Prevent wrapping of text in Files pane display
  • Indicate when object details in environment pane have been truncated
  • Improved keyboard navigation in browser file widgets
  • Added option to limit length of lines in console history
  • Improved performance when many lines of code sent to console
  • ‘save()’ warnings no longer emitted when saving session state
  • Update C++ unit testing library (catch) to v1.3.3 (fix gcc >=5 compilation errors)
  • Change default max.print to 1000 (was 10000)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang on Windows + 64bit R when errors occurred while resizing Plots pane
  • Fixed an issue where a user-defined git executable was sometimes not respected on OS X
  • Data Viewer: fixed a crash that could occur when calling ‘View()’ on matrix
  • R Markdown: hide chunk toolbar when chunk is hidden by folded Markdown section
  • R Markdown: fixed highlighting with multiple Markdown links on one line
  • R Markdown: improved highlighting for ‘’, ‘_’ text
  • R Markdown: fixed issue where sections did not display in document outline when following empty bulleted list
  • Reformat code: fixed an issue where
    was not recognized as a single token
  • SVN: avoid recursive revert when reverting changes to modified directory properties
  • Autocompletion: fixed errors printed in console when ‘devtools::load_all()’ active
  • Autocompletion: fixed errors printed in console for functions ‘force’, ‘identity’
  • Autocompletion: ensure .DollarNames method respected when discovered
  • Autocompletion: avoid errors when retrieving completions in debugger
  • Viewer: Fixed issue in ‘Export -> Copy to Clipboard’ when IDE not at default zoom level
  • Fix hang caused by large, heavily-nested S4 objects
  • Fix for ‘httpdPort’ detection error sometimes seen with R built from source
  • Fixed a hang on Windows with 64-bit R when attempting to load a corrupted workspace
  • Fixed an issue where non-interactive addins could not be executed in popped out windows
  • Diagnostics: fix false positive errors with ‘{’ following function calls
  • Diagnostics: engine better understands ‘data()’ calls (fixes ‘no symbol in scope’ false positive)
  • Improved performance of document tokenization (fix laggy typing)
  • Sweave: Fix block commenting of chunks
  • Sweave: Fixed an issue where TOC headings weren’t displayed in document outline
  • Fix highlighting of escaped ‘$’ in inline Mathjax expressions
  • Fix editor preview vanishing on zoom level change
  • Emacs mode: C-f now moves the cursor forward instead of opening Find dialog
  • Emacs mode: C-r now performs a reverse isearch on Windows (rather than running code)
  • Ensure that modal dialogs capture all input even in the presence of multiple modals
  • Filter out “00LOCK” directories from package name completions
  • Provide completions for ‘lazydata’ objects within namespaces
  • Prevent warnings from leaking when accessing refClass elements for completions
  • Fix inablity to get active frame for completions when package lfe was loaded
  • Prevent completion popup from appearing offscreen for very long completion names
  • Don’t pass encoding=“” to knitr for .Rpres files not in a project
  • Avoid duplicating keydown handlers in image list boxes (e.g. New R Markdown template)
  • Ensure editor completion popups are hidden when editor loses focus
  • Cleanup R auto-indentation for plain () or []
    (i.e., when not in a function call)
  • Suppress httpd warnings on invalid help queries
  • Correct syntax highlighting for operator « in C++ mode
  • Fix highlighting in R mode for numbers with only a trailing decimal (e.g. ‘1.’)
  • Ensure that SparkR DataFrames appear as data in environment pane
  • Avoid firing active bindings in completion system
  • Fix copy, cut, paste handling when Emacs mode enabled
  • Avoid perturbing RNG state when invoking View()
  • Fix unlinked directories in Files pane when other users’ folders are browseable
  • Fixed an issue where nested folds were not preserved correctly on save / load
  • Prevent lines terminated by from entering editor (cause of many subtle problems)
  • Fix error message when invoking View() on an object with no columns
  • Fix blank screen on log-in when PAM username capitalization doesn’t match system
  • Prompt to save untitled (never saved) documents when closing source windows
  • Don’t depend on number of call frames when detecting install.packages call
  • Fix failure to install packages with long install.packages commands after restart
  • Server Pro: Fix issue causing sporadic session launch failures when using PAM sessions