RStudio v1.0.136

R Notebooks

  • Improved sizing of htmlwidgets in R Notebooks
  • Allow changing to R Notebook mode without closing and reopening the file
  • Add support for knitr code chunks defined in external .R files
  • Add support for raw relative paths such as “..” in knitr root.dir option
  • Add support for ‘output.var’ chunk option for Stan chunks
  • Improve scrolling past htmlwidgets in the editor
  • Always show chunk output preferences (inline or console)
  • Add support for variable height HTML widgets (non-knitr figures)
  • Improve support for non-ASCII characters in chunk metadata and output
  • Add support for JavaScript and CSS chunks

Data Import

  • Add support for all readr locale settings (date/time format, decimal, etc.)
  • Prompt for a comma-separated list of factors instead of a collection


  • Add Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcuts to navigate tabs (Desktop only)
  • Include .scala files in fuzzy file finder (Ctrl + .)
  • Add support for pre-rendered Shiny documents (shiny_prerendered)
  • Update Stan editor mode to support Stan 2.12.0
  • Server Pro: Add new www-frame-origin option for specifying framing permissions

Bug Fixes

  • Improve resilience against malformed YAML header in R Markdown documents
  • Avoid triggering active bindings in environments from the Environment pane
  • Fix encoding of R_HOME, R_USER, and R_LIBS_USER on Windows
  • Fix project-based file completion on Windows
  • Respect loaded packages in R help topic completion
  • Fix positioning of editor toolbar buttons in Safari and Mac OS client
  • Fix incorrect height of R Notebook outputs when run above viewport
  • Detect multi-line data.table chains properly
  • Allow git staging for filenames containing a space on Windows
  • Use Windows proxy settings to serve requests made by htmlwidgets
  • Fix cross-domain error when opening a link to RStudio Server in a new window
  • Fix comment toggling for ROxygen comments
  • Fix notebook resource problems occurring in projects on mounted filesystems
  • Server Pro: Allow server user to have group name differing from user name
  • Server Pro: Don’t require LDAP to support user enumeration when auth-required-user-group is set