RStudio v1.2.1335-1

Python and Notebooks

  • Use a shared Python session to execute Python chunks via reticulate
  • Simple bindings to access R objects from Python chunks and vice versa
  • Show matplotlib plots emitted by Python chunks


  • Store passwords and secrets securely with keyring by calling rstudioapi::askForSecret()
  • Install keyring directly from dialog prompt


  • Author D3 visualizations in RStudio and preview in the Viewer pane
  • Use r2d3 D3 visualizations in R Notebook chunks


  • Run any R script as a background job in a clean R session
  • Monitor progress and see script output in real time
  • Optionally give jobs your global environment when started, and export values back when complete


  • Author SQL queries in RStudio and preview in the SQL Results pane


  • Run Tests command in testthat R scripts for direct running
  • testthat output in the Build pane with navigable issue list
  • Integration with shinytest to record and run Shiny app tests


  • Create PowerPoint presentations with R Markdown

Package Management

  • Specify a primary CRAN URL and secondary CRAN repos from the package preferences pane.
  • Link to a package’s primary CRAN page from the packages pane.
  • Configure CRAN repos with a repos.conf configuration file and the r-cran-repos-file option.
  • Suggest additional secondary CRAN repos with the r-cran-repos-url option.


  • Create Plumber APIs in RStudio
  • Execute Plumber APIs within RStudio to view Swagger documentation and make test calls to the APIs
  • Publish Plumber APIs to RStudio Connect


  • Git ‘Create Branch’ dialog defaults to remote associated w/current branch (if any)
  • Added link to purrr cheatsheet (in Help) and link to browse all cheatsheets
  • Added option to temporarily disable environment pane refreshing
  • Improve NSE detection for dplyr (better understands S3 dispatch and idioms)
  • Add ability to search for displayed database objects in Connections tab (#1549)
  • Add button to open profiler output in an external browser (#1657)
  • Add option to show the R Markdown render command used when knitting (#1658)
  • Add option to show hidden files in the Files pane (#1769)
  • Upgrade embedded Pandoc to 2.2.1 (#1807)
  • Allow renames that change only file case on Windows (#1886)
  • Remember scroll position when navigating in Help pane (#1947)
  • Show warning when attempting to edit a generated file (#2082)
  • Allow opening .ini files with file.edit (#2116)
  • Add shinymod snippet for Shiny modules (#2078)
  • Allow changing zoom level without reloading (#2125)
  • New command ‘Pull with Rebase’ to pull and rebase a branch in a single step (#2151)
  • Click on promises in the Environment pane now calls force on the promise
  • Add Rename command to File menu for quick rename of current file (#2199)
  • Numeric filtering in data viewer shows value distribution and supports user-entered values (#2230)
  • Improved support for custom knitr engines in R Notebooks (#2401)
  • Add support for viewing external web URLs in the Viewer pane (#2252)
  • Add option to disable drag-and-drop for text in the editor (#2428)
  • Add option to disable cursor save/load; improves performance on some Windows machines (#2778)
  • R startup files (e.g. .Rprofile) are now always saved with trailing newlines (#3029)
  • Update embedded libclang to 5.0.2 (Windows only)
  • RStudio now a 64-bit application on Windows (Linux and Mac are already 64-bit)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix “Invalid byte sequence” when spell checking
  • Fix incorrect Git status pane display when git detects that a file has been copied
  • Fix hang when submitting empty passwords and password encryption is turned off (#1545)
  • Fix HTTP 500 error when navigating to directories such as /js/ (#1561)
  • Fix issue where Build pane would get ‘stuck’ on failed Rcpp::compileAttributes() call (#1601)
  • Fix low/no-contrast colors with HTML widgets in notebooks with a dark theme (#1615)
  • Fix invalid YAML in some cases when changing R Markdown output type via dialog (#1609)
  • Fix error when quitting while a function named q() is present (#1647)
  • Fix crash when executing multiple R Notebook chunks with a failing Rcpp chunk (#1668)
  • Fix missing blank lines in code chunks in R Notebook preview (#1556)
  • Fix selection in Files pane when files are modified while checked (#1715)
  • Fix incorrect truncation of some R object descriptions in Environment pane (#1703)
  • Fix duplicate prompts in each window when using RStudio API showPrompt (#1706)
  • Fix proxy timeouts with the websocket used for the Terminal, via keepalive messages (#1860)
  • Fix file.edit failures with Chinese filenames on Windows (#1868)
  • Fix errors when importing non-ASCII filenames in base Import Dataset (#1910)
  • Fix rserver crash that can occur when proxying websockets to Shiny apps (#2061)
  • Fix hang on some Linux systems caused by X11 clipboard monitoring w/ option to disable monitoring (#2068)
  • Fix empty column titles when viewing matrices without column names (#2086)
  • Fix error when pressing F1 on non-function autocomplete results (#2127)
  • Fix hang when autocompleting filenames in large directories (#2236)
  • Fix inability to copy content from Viewer pane and data viewer in IE11 (#2351)
  • Fix errant addition of msys-ssh to path on non-Windows platforms (#2352)
  • Fix buggy behavior with when ANSI colors are present (#2387)
  • Fix external process slowness (git, etc.) when open file limit RLIMIT_NOFILE is high (#2470)
  • Fix issue caused by resolving symlinks when choosing Git path (#2476)
  • Fix display of consecutive spaces in the Data Viewer (#2499)
  • Fix issue where ‘#’ in YAML strings would be highlighted as comments (#2591)
  • Fix over-eager loading of yaml package when IDE starts up (#2602)
  • Fix issue on Windows with R dialogs showing behind RStudio window (#2901)
  • Fix incorrect insertion of mousewheel handler into HTML widget JavaScript (#2634)
  • Fix unresponsive buttons in Connections pane when connection deletion is cancelled (#2644)
  • Fix RStudio hang when installing packages (e.g. BH) in Packrat projects on Windows (#1864)

RStudio Server Pro

  • Overhauled R versions, allowing you to specify version labels, load environment modules, and execute a prelaunch script when loading specific versions.
  • New rsession-diagnostics-enabled option for rserver.conf to enable session launch diagnostics mode to help diagnose session launch failures.
  • Added support for auth-pam-sessions-use-password option in a load balanced setup.
  • Added ability to suspend sessions from user home page.
  • Added hmac signature verification for proxy auth mode with new auth-proxy-require-hmac option in rserver.conf.
  • Add nodes to RStudio Server Pro load-balanced clusters without service interruptions.

RStudio Pro Drivers

  • Discover, install and uninstall RStudio Pro Drivers from the New Connection wizard.