RStudio v1.2.5001-3

RStudio Server Pro

* New Slurm plugin for the Job Launcher enables running R sessions and jobs on Slurm clusters * Support for starting and managing Jupyter sessions alongside R sessions * Overhaul of user dashboard for managing R sessions, Jupyter sessions, and jobs

Bug Fixes

  • Restore capability to use 32-bit R on Windows (#3150)
  • Fix pane configuration being reset after customization (#2101)
  • Fix issue where middle click failed to close editor tabs (#4379)
  • Fix incorrect application of C++ project compilation options to non-project files (#4404)
  • Fix issues on MacOS with command line tool headers when ‘/usr/include’ is missing (#4405)
  • Fix failure to start on R 3.6.0 when the error option is set in .Rprofile (#4441)
  • Fix issue where attempts to run R debugger in .Rprofile could hang RStudio (#4443)
  • Fix parsing multi-line expressions with single brackets inside strings (#4452)
  • Improve detection of remote sessions on Windows (#4466)
  • Fix issue where text in prompts would fail to display on macOS Mojave (#4497)
  • Fix “Reload App” button for Shiny applications in Firefox on RStudio Server (#4552)
  • Fix issue where themes without names would not use the file name as a name instead (#4553)
  • Fix NULL in code preview on first attempt to import data (#4563)
  • Prompt for permissions on macOS Mojave when R packages require them (#4579)
  • Add explicit dependency on required libxkbcommon package on Linux (#4610)
  • Fixed inability to execute editor commands from menu in RStudio Server (#4622)
  • Remove unnecessary dependency on rprojroot package (#4628)
  • Fix failure to launch RStudio Desktop when started as root user (#4631)
  • Fixed an issue where the Files pane occasionally would fail to scroll to bottom (#4662)
  • Fixed an issue where RStudio would always use the discrete GPU on macOS (#4672)
  • Fix startup failure when using multiple CRAN repos (#4751)
  • Fix console display issue with certain mixed color output patterns (#4777)


  • Improve detection of current working directory for terminals on macOS (#4570)
  • Update to Pandoc 2.7.2 on Windows to address occasional segfaults (#4618)
  • Qt support libraries for Wayland are now bundled on Linux (#4686)
  • Set secure flag when clearing cookies for consistency (Pro #964)