RStudio v1.3.1073-1 Giant Goldenrod

This is a patch release of RStudio 1.3, consisting primarily of bugfixes and small improvements to RStudio 1.3.


  • Compatible with R graphics engine version 13 (R 4.1.0+) (#7253)
  • Add support for configurable rsandbox path in Server Pro (Pro #1777)
  • Add support for running Slurm plugin in unprivileged Docker containers (Pro #1744)


  • Fix issue where files could not be uploaded when using RStudio Server load balancing (Pro #1751)
  • Fix issue where the Crash Handler notification prompt would never go away (#7243)
  • Fix issue with slow shutdown on Windows (#7117)
  • Fix issue where Launcher debug logs could contain user’s plain text password (Pro #1687)
  • Fix issue where some log entries could not be displayed on the admin logs page (Pro #1783)
  • Fix “TypeError” when sign-in using IE11 (#7359)
  • Fix issue where users belonging to more than 101 groups could not launch Kubernetes sessions (Pro #1796)
  • Fix problem with moving Console between left and right columns (#7246)
  • Fix issue with rstudioapi::setCursorPosition() not scrolling cursor into view (#7317)
  • Fix issue with rmarkdown and packrat packages being eagerly loaded on IDE launch (#7265)
  • Fix issue with folded chunk outputs getting stuck at top of IDE (#7293)
  • Fix issue where Slurm Launcher jobs could not be started on systems with root squash configured for the user home directory (Pro #1775)
  • Fix issue where locking an account would cause an infinite redirect loop on the sign-in page (Pro #1785, Pro #1764)
  • Fix issue where Jupyter sessions could not be started when the home directory was a root squash mount (Pro #1795)
  • Fix issue where large R objects in the environment pane could not be expanded (Pro #1799)
  • Fix issue where Session Server settings for a saved server could not be modified (Pro #1824)