RStudio v1.3.959-1 Middlemist Red

This is a major new release of RStudio which includes the following enhancements:

  • Dramatically improved accessibility support, including support for screen readers, keyboard navigation improvements, focus indicators and contrast improvements, and more.
  • Real-time spellchecking with customizable dictionaries and inline correction suggestions.
  • Dozens of other productivity improvements, including auto-save, global search and replace, and Shiny background jobs.
  • All preferences and settings are now saved centrally in plain text files, and can be set by admins and backed up by users.
  • Compatibility with iPad OS 13 for RStudio Server.
  • RStudio Desktop Pro can now function as a client for RStudio Server Pro; access your server’s compute power and environments with the convenience of a windowed desktop application.


  • Dramatically improved accessibility for sight-impaired users, including:
    • Keyboard focus management and visibility upgrades
    • Improved keyboard navigation
    • Compatibility with popular screen readers
    • Compliant contrast ratios and other accessibility improvements
    • User preference for disabling user-interface animations such as when zooming panes

Spell Check

  • Real-time spell-checking engine for checking while editing
  • Customizable dictionaries and word ignore lists preloaded with common R terms
  • Inline correction suggestions

Preferences and Configuration

  • All user preferences and settings can now be set using a plain JSON file
  • All user preferences can now have global defaults set by a system administrator
  • New diagnostics commands for editing the prefs file, resetting state, and viewing pref system data
  • Editor themes, snippets, file templates, and keybindings are now portable and can be installed by admins
  • The content of new file templates (New R Script, New R Markdown, etc.) can now be controlled by users or administrators


  • New projects can be initialized with renv, giving them an isolated project environment

Server Security

  • New auth-timeout-minutes option signs users out after a defined period of inactivity (Pro #667)
  • CSRF hardening improvements including optional validation of the HTTP Origin header (Pro #1214)
  • Add option auth-cookies-force-secure to always mark auth cookies as secure when SSL is terminated upstream (Pro #995)
  • Set HTTP header X-Content-Type-Options to discourage MIME type sniffing (Pro #1219)
  • Authentication cookies are now revoked after signout (Pro #606)
  • File-serving resource endpoints can now be made more restrictive; added new restrict-directory-view and directory-view-whitelist options (Pro #607)
  • RStudio Server now uses 2048 bit RSA keys, for secure communication of encrypted credentials between server / session and client

iPad OS 13

  • Improved keyboard and touch support for iPadOS 13.1
  • Support Ctrl+[ as Esc key on iPadOS 13.1 keyboards lacking physical Esc key (#4663)
  • Add ability to resize panes using keyboard arrow keys via View / Panes / Adjust Splitter

Terminal Improvements

  • User preference to configure initial working directory of new terminals (#1557)
  • Command to open a new terminal at location of current editor file
  • Command to insert the full path and filename of current editor file into terminal
  • Command in File pane to open a new terminal at File pane’s current location
  • Command in to change terminal to current RStudio working directory (#2363)
  • PowerShell Core option in terminal (Windows-only)
  • Custom terminal shell option for Windows desktop (previously only on Mac, Linux, and server)
  • Change shortcuts for Next/Previous terminal to avoid clash with common Windows shortcuts (#4892)
  • Suppress macOS Catalina message about switching to zsh in Terminal pane (#6182)
  • Add ‘Close All Terminals’ command to Terminal menu (#3564)
  • Zsh option in terminal for Mac and Linux desktop, and RStudio Server (#5587)

Diagnostics and Recovery

  • Add automated crash handling and reporting
  • Show detailed logs and process output when R fails to start (#2097)
  • Add “Safe Mode” for opening sessions without profile scripts or workspace restoration (#4338)


  • Support for tutorials with the learnr package in a new Tutorials pane

Background Jobs

  • Add support for running Shiny applications as background jobs (#5190)
  • Install missing package dependencies in a background job (#5584)

Auto Save

  • Changes automatically (and optionally) saved to disk after a few seconds or when editor loses focus (#5263)
  • Option to disable real-time backup of unsaved changes to avoid conflicts with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. (#3837)
  • Option to adjust idle interval for backup or saving changes


  • Add global replace with live preview and regular expression support (#2066)
  • Enable large file uploads (over 4GB) in RStudio Server (#3299)
  • Improved ‘Comment / Uncomment’ handling of empty lines around selection (#4163)
  • Files with extension ‘.q’ are no longer indexed or parsed as R files (#4696)
  • Add support for an API command to return the list of R packages RStudio depends on (#2332)
  • Upgrade internal JSON parsing engine for speed improvements (#1830)
  • Improved ergonomics for history prefix navigation (#2771)
  • Make columns resizable in the Environment pane (#4020)
  • Add Word Count command (#4237)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for main menu items on RStudio Server (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F for File menu)
  • Show number of characters when entering version control commit messages (#5192)
  • Update embedded Qt to 5.12.5 for Chromium update, stability and bugfixes (#5399)
  • Add preference for changing font size on help pane (#3282)
  • Warn when Xcode license has not been agreed to on macOS when command line tools required (#5481)
  • Improved browser tab names (project name first, complete product name) (Pro #1172)
  • The diagnostics system now understands referenced symbols in glue strings (#5270)
  • Add preference for compiling .tex files with tinytex (#2788)
  • Long menus and popups now scroll instead of overflowing (#1760, #1794, #2330)
  • Sort package-installed R Markdown templates alphabetically (#4929)
  • The ‘Reopen with Encoding’ command now saves unsaved changes before re-opening the document. (#5630)
  • Autocomplete support for Plumber #* comment keywords (#2220)
  • Automatically continue Plumber #* on successive lines (#2219)
  • Comment / uncomment is now enabled for YAML documents (#3317)
  • Reflow comment has been rebound to ‘Ctrl + Shift + /’ on macOS. (#2443)
  • Allow fuzzy matches in help topic search (#3316)
  • The diagnostics system better handles missing expressions (#5660)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for debugging commands can be customized (#3539)
  • Update Pandoc to 2.7.3 (#4512)
  • Update SumatraPDF to version 3.1.2 (#3155)
  • Allow previewing PDFs in fullscreen mode in Sumatra PDF (#4301)
  • RStudio Server runtime files are stored in /var/run, or another configurable location, instead of /tmp (#4666)
  • Errors encountered when attempting to find Rtools installations are handled more gracefully (#5720)
  • Enable copying images to the clipboard from the Plots pane (#3142)
  • Update minimum supported browser versions (#5593)
  • Automatic refresh of the Git pane can now be enabled / disabled as required. (#4368)
  • Target directory can be changed from within the ‘Upload Files’ dialog (RStudio Server)
  • Zoom Left/Right Column commands for keyboard users (#5874)
  • Increase maximum plot size for large, high-DPI displays (#4968; thanks to Jan Gleixner)
  • Make maximum lines in R console configurable; was previously fixed at 1000 (#5919)
  • Option to only show project name instead of full path in desktop window title (#1817)
  • New rstudio --version command to return the version of RStudio Desktop (#3922)
  • Scan R Markdown YAML header for R packages required to render document (#4779)
  • Support use of F13 - F24 for custom keyboard shortcuts (full Mac keyboard has F13-F19, for example)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for searching R help in Help pane, and next/previous help page (#5149)
  • Keep keyboard focus in the console during debugging (#6039)
  • Enable wrap-around for previous/next source tab by default (#6139)
  • Provide full SHA in detail of Git commits (#6155)
  • File monitor now ignores Packrat, renv library folders (#3267)
  • Make global source control commands rebindable (#6503)


  • Fix issue where calling install.packages() without arguments would fail (#5154)
  • Fix issue where C code in packages would incorrectly be diagnosed as C++ (#5418)
  • Fix plot history when plot() called immediately after (#3117)
  • Fix debug stopping past breakpoint when source windows are open (#3683)
  • Fix diagnostics error with multibyte characters in R Markdown documents on Windows (#1866)
  • Fix stale processes when invoking child R processes with large command lines (#3414)
  • Fix an issue where help tooltips could become corrupt when using prettycode (#5561)
  • Fix an issue where signature tooltips were shown even when disabled by user preference (#5405)
  • Fix an issue where Git did not work within projects whose paths contained multibyte characters (#2194)
  • Fix an issue where RStudio would fail to preview self-contained bookdown books (#5371)
  • Fix modal dialog boundaries extending out of the app window in certain cases (#1605)
  • Fix issue where session restore could fail when using multiple user libraries
  • Fix issue where library paths were not forwarded when building package documentation
  • Restore ability to select and copy text in version control diffs (#4734)
  • Fix incorrect column names when non-dataframes with a column named x were viewed (#3304)
  • Fix inconsistent shading in R Markdown chunk backgrounds with folding (#2992)
  • Fix list column display in columns past 50 with data viewer (#5851)
  • Fix incorrect column type display when paging columns (#5479)
  • Fix incorrect sorting in data viewer when paging columns (#4682)
  • Fix carryover of light ANSI background colors (#6092)
  • Fix issue where Shiny applications using reticulate on Windows could crash on run (#6140)
  • Fix issue where pasting text into last chunk in document could occasionally cause hang (#6226)
  • Fix blank Viewer Pane when displaying most HTML widgets with R 4.0.0 (#6737)

RStudio Professional

  • Logging improvements; log destinations and levels are more configurable and can be changed in real time
  • RStudio Desktop Pro can now function as a client for RStudio Server Pro
  • New tools for viewing and managing server users when using named user licensing
  • Floating licensing can now pass through an HTTPS proxy
  • The Launcher service now starts and runs automatically when the system starts
  • New Kubernetes Launcher plugin feature to modify the generated job/pod specs (#1353)
  • When containers are created when running RStudio Launcher sessions, user home directories are propagated to the container instead of requiring the home directories to be mounted at /home. This is a potentially breaking change, and will requiring updating the /etc/rstudio/laucher-mounts file to mount the home directory to the correct location (#1369)
  • New Kubernetes Launcher plugin feature to allow the specification of a requests limit to allow for oversubscription of Kubernetes resources (#1360)
  • Slurm Launcher plugin will now generate jobs with much shorter names (#1595)


Thanks to Dr Jonathan Godfrey (Massey University, New Zealand), and to JooYoung Seo ( for their valuable insights on improving screen reader support in RStudio 1.3.