RStudio v2021.09.3+396.pro1 Ghost Orchid

RStudio Workbench

  • Blocked access to code-server’s /absproxy/<port> url (Pro #3275)


  • Support for syntax highlighting of the R 4.2.0 pipe-bind operator. (#10757)


  • Reverted changes supporting UTF-8 code page with UCRT builds of R (>= 4.2.0). (#10507)
  • Fixed a security issue where shiny apps and vscode sessions remained active after signout (rstudio-pro#3287)
  • (Windows only) Fixed an issue where multiple instances of RStudio launched at the same time could bind to the same session. (#10488)
  • (macOS only) Fixed an issue causing tooltips and menus to render incorrectly in Safari 15.4. (#10821)