RStudio v2022.02.0+443.pro2 Prairie Trillium


Visual Mode

  • Improved handling of table markdown in visual editor (#9830)
  • Added option to show line numbers in visual mode code chunks (#9387)
  • Made visual code chunks collapsible (#8613)
  • Show source diagnostics in visual code chunks (#9874)
  • Fixed code execution via selection in indented visual mode code chunks (#9108)
  • Fixed detection of HTTP(S) URLs on Windows in the image resolver (#9837)
  • Improved behavior of citekey removal in Insert Citation dialog (#9124)
  • Fix issue with unicode characters in citation data (#9745)
  • Fix issue with unicode characters in citekeys (#9754)
  • Fix issue with delay showing newly added Zotero references when inserting citations (#9800)
  • Add ability to insert citation for R Packages (#8921)
  • Fixed BetterBibTeX detection on Linux (#10007)
  • Fixed DT tables being squashed in the viewer pane (#10276)

RStudio Workbench

  • Added support for setting the subPath on Kubernetes sessions using KubernetesPersistentVolumeClaim mounts in /etc/rstudio/launcher-mounts (Pro #2976).
  • Added support for Slurm 21.08 to the Slurm Launcher plugin
  • Added license-warning-days setting to make it possible to adjust or disable the license warnings that appear two weeks prior to expiration (Pro #440)
  • When an R version defined in r-versions uses an environment module, the name of the module is displayed in the version select menus instead of the system R version name. (Pro #2687)
  • Clicking on a session entry in the RSW homepage will always attempt to launch it – the title is no longer a link. Clicking on “Info” will always show info. (Pro #3082)
  • With the options launcher-sessions-create-container-user, and launcher-sessions-container-forward-groups enabled, RSW will now add a group to the user even if the group with a matching id exists but with a different name. (Pro #2971)
  • Added SSL communication between RSW and remote sessions (using the job launcher). It’s enabled by default and can be disabled in rserver.conf by setting session-ssl-enabled=0. Certificates are generated for each job by default or can be manually configured. (Pro #3026)
  • Disable session SSL for Code Server 3.9.3 and support auth changes in Code Server 3.11.0 (Pro #3111)
  • Show user’s full name, or proxied auth display name, in Project Sharing presence indicator (Pro #3121)
  • Allow users to specify R version in launcher jobs (Pro #1046)
  • Show additional environment information in the IDE Job Launcher dialog (Pro #3110)
  • Allow users to specify custom path to R_HOME in the IDE Job Launcher when the target cluster or image do not match the current environment (Pro #3110)
  • Removed some unnecessary warnings in the RStudio VS Code Extension when using Dash (Ext #98)
  • Added a link to a help article about using VS Code Sessions in RStudio Workbench
  • Blocked access to code-server’s /absproxy/<port> url (Pro #3275)
  • Sessions that attempt to automatically suspend, but were blocked by some operation, will report what’s blocking suspension in the IDE in the R Console toolbar (Pro #2618)
  • Added ability to disable the dependency checker by setting the RSTUDIO_DISABLE_PACKAGE_INSTALL_PROMPT environment variable. This increases the compatibility with older R versions.


  • RStudio now supports the experimental UTF-8 UCRT builds of R (#9824)
  • Preliminary support for R graphics engine version 15 in R 4.2.0. (#10058)
  • Default file download method in Windows for R 4.2 and above changed from wininet to libcurl (#10163)
  • list.files() and list.dirs() now handle international characters on Windows (#10451)


  • Add commands to open selected files in columns or active editor (#7920)
  • Add New Blank File command to Files pane to create empty files of selected type in the directory (#1564)
  • Add CSRF token header X-RS-CSRF-Token and cookie rs-csrf-token, to avoid clashing with similarly named headers and cookies in other services (#7319)
  • Use double indent for function parameters to align with Tidyverse style (#9766)
  • Recognize id_ed25519 key file in Version Control options UI (#9991)
  • Updated Files Pane buttons to resize and remain visible at smaller widths (#9870)
  • Remove ‘Classic’ IDE theme (#9738)
  • Added support for Amazon Linux 2 (Pro #2474)
  • Treat Alt and Caption fields differently depending on file type (#9713)
  • Fixed shortcut conflict on German keyboard (#9276)
  • Updated shinymod snippet for Shiny modules (#10009)
  • Fixed an issue where conda install could fail within a Git Bash terminal on Windows (#10283)
  • Add hover text to ‘Go to project directory’ button in Files pane (#10092)


  • Fixed an issue that could cause calls to grid functions to fail after restart (#2919)
  • Fixed errors when uploading files/directory names with invalid characters (Pro #698)
  • Added error when rsession may be running a different version of R than expected (Pro #2477)
  • Fixed “No such file or directory” errors when auto-saving R Notebook chunks while running them (#9284)
  • Fixed issue causing unnecessary document switching when evaluating statements in debugger (#9918)
  • Fixed scrolling past long sub-content (like kables) in RMD files. User must interact with sub-content in order to scroll through it (#2202)
  • Fixed custom shortcuts not appearing correctly in menus (#9915)
  • Fixed custom shortcuts not appearing correctly in “Keyboard Shortcuts Help” and Electron menus. (#9953)
  • Fixed header scrolling in data viewer tables not following table contents in unfocused windows (#8208)
  • Fixed permissions on Mac Desktop application so all user accounts can launch it (#9945, #10267)
  • Fixed logging directory permissions to be more restrictive (775 instead of 777) (#3099)
  • Fixed errors when opening or saving Rmarkdown documents when R is busy (#9868)
  • Fixed issue with SLES 12 builds using OpenSSL 1.1 instead of 1.0.2
  • Fixed a bug where Slurm Launcher jobs that exited with a non-zero exit code would still have a zero exit code (Launcher #203)
  • Fixed a bug where Slurm Launcher jobs with standard error would never be written to the output file (Launcher #203)
  • Fixed a bug where Slurm Launcher jobs that exited due to a signal would not show the exit code as 128+signal (Launcher #203)
  • Fixed a bug where Launcher log files could be stuck being owned by the root user (#9728)
  • Fixed bug with customized display names and launcher sessions (Pro #3217)


See Deprecated / Removed section below.

Deprecated / Removed

  • BREAKING: Remove session-collab-server and filebase-path R Session options (pro #3181)