RStudio v2022.02.1+461.pro1 Prairie Trillium


  • Fixed an issue preventing deployment of applications on Windows. (#10672)
  • Fixed an issue where list.files() did not handle “globs” as expected. (#10679)
  • Fixed incorrect label in Global Options for “Show full path to project in window title” (#10688)
  • Fixed hang running Rmd chunks with launcher sessions and other problems the new session-ssl feature of RStudio Workbench (Pro #3301)
  • Fixed failure to create log file for rserver-session-reaper (#3307)
  • Fixed failure to create log file for rserver-acls (#3318)
  • Fixed error refreshing the IDE when project sharing is enabled and a file is actively being shared (Pro #3321)
  • Fixed restoring session containing invalid RSTUDIO_PANDOC value