Download Shiny Server Pro for SUSE

Download Shiny Server Pro for SUSE

Shiny Server recommends an installation of R version 3.0 or higher. You can install R for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server using the instructions here.

You’ll also need to install the Shiny R package before installing Shiny Server:

sudo su - \
-c "R -e \"install.packages('shiny', repos='')\""

If you’re using a version of R older than R 3.2.2, you may need to take additional actions as described here in order to successfully download and install the package securely. Alternatively, you can download the package insecurely in any version of R by using HTTP instead of HTTPS for the CRAN mirror.

Once R and Shiny have been installed, you can begin the installation of Shiny Server:

Install for SUSE Enterprise Linux 15

Size:  81.27 MB
| SHA-256: ddd56b70 |
Released:  December 15, 2023

sudo zypper --no-gpg-checks install shiny-server-commercial-

Next Steps

Once installed, view the Administrator’s Guide to learn how to manage and configure Shiny Server.