Put Shiny Web Apps Online

RStudio lets you put shiny web applications and interactive documents online in the way that works best for you.

For Shiny applications, consider RStudio Connect, a publishing platform for all your data products. Now you can share your team’s Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, dashboards, plots, APIs, and Jupyter Notebooks in one convenient place.

If you prefer for us to host your Shiny applications, one of our shinyapps.io plans is sure to work for you.

Download Shiny Server Open Source
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Compare RStudio Connect, Shiny Server and Shinyapps.io

RStudio Connect
Shiny Server Open Source
Overview Commercial License (not AGPL)  
  RStudio Support  
  Push-button publish from the RStudio IDE  
Content Shiny – Host Shiny apps on the web
  R – Publish and run R Markdown documents, Plumber API’s, dashboards, and more    
  Python – Publish and run Jupyter Notebooks and Python code chunks    
  Self-manage content – See and manage what you and your team published   1
  Code execution – Schedule updates and distribute content via email    
Security & Authentication Password protect applications   2
  Deploy Shiny applications behind firewalls  
  Controlled access via SSL and LDAP, Active Directory, Google OAuth, PAM, proxied authentication, or passwords    
Tuning & Scaling Scale applications across multiple R processes  
  Persistent R processes for faster load times    
Metrics & Management Performance and resource metrics  
  Health check endpoint    
Data Connectors Professional Drivers – connect to some of the most popular databases  

1 Publishers only
2 For shinyapps.io plans that include authentication, your application users must have a Google, Github or a shinyapps.io account