Put Shiny Web Apps Online

Shiny server lets you put shiny web applications and interactive documents online. Take your shiny apps and share them with your organization or the world.

Shiny server lets you go beyond static charts, and lets you manipulate the data. Users can sort, filter, or change assumptions in real-time. Shiny server empower your users to customize your analysis for their specific needs and extract more insight from the data.

Shiny Server Pro adds enterprise grade scaling, security, and admin features to the basic open source edition.

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Description Open Source Pro
Deploy Shiny applications and interactive documents to the internet
Move computation close to the data
Host multiple applications on a single server
Deploy Shiny applications behind firewalls
Security & Authentication
Password file authentication
LDAP and Active Directory authentication
Group based authorization
SSL support
Tuning & Scaling
Scale applications across multiple processes
View and manage active sessions
Allocate resources on a per application basis
Define application concurrency limits
Server Monitoring
System performance and resource metrics
Per-application: Usage, performance, and resource metrics
Health check end point
Open Source