Dear valued customer,

Back in March 2020, in the face of a global pandemic, we emphasized the importance of physical and mental health, families, friendships, and community to our teams. No doubt you and your organizations did the same.

In particular, we asked everyone to focus on the things we could control, and to be patient with each other.

As a company, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished since then. Over the past 17 months, with the support from the community and you - our customers - we have hit some exciting milestones, all while working hard to remain sane, healthy, and connected.

However, after such a long period of strain, many of us feel exhausted. We believe we need to make self-care an easier and less complicated decision. We all need a window of time where together we can disconnect to reconnect.

With that in mind, we have made the decision to close our offices on Thursday, September 2nd and Friday, September 3rd to encourage a reset filled with rest and relaxation. This timing aligns with the U.S. Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 6th, which allows our team to have a restful, long five-day weekend. Non-US employees will take that Monday off as well so everyone gets the full break together.

The “together” part of this is very important. We recognize that this company holiday isn’t the answer to all our stresses, but it’s a start. Because we’re all going to be out of the office at the same time, it gives everyone the opportunity to more fully unplug, and to return without a mountain of work having accumulated. At least, that is our hope.

Of course, we will still maintain a skeleton crew online to focus on the uptime of our hosted products and address all critical (sev1, server down) technical issues that arise on those days. Support tickets can be filed as usual during this time via our support form, and all non-critical issues will be addressed upon our return to the office on Tuesday, September 7.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

~ From all of us here at RStudio