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You’ve built and shared several Shiny applications, but it’s time to take your skills to the next level. What next? How best to improve your Shiny developer skills? The difference between a beginner and experienced Shiny developer is growth in a few core areas:

  • Effective development workflows
  • Improved coding patterns
  • Scaling and infrastructure
  • User-interface design

In this X-Session, Applison's Shiny developers will walk you through how to improve your skills in each of these areas, helping you effectively shepherd your apps from proof of concept to production.

Speakers include two Shiny Contest winners; Marcin Dubel, grand prize winner of the 2021 Shiny Contest, and Pedro Silva, grand prize winner in 2020. Applison has developed some of the world’s most advanced Shiny dashboards. That’s why Fortune 500 companies routinely approach them to create enterprise Shiny apps.

The Talks:

  1. Shepherding your Shiny App from Proof of Concept to Production: Marcin Dubel will present Appsilon's preferred workflow for creating production quality Shiny apps. He'll touch on key topics in the app development process that lead to apps which users enjoy and developers find easy to maintain and extend.
  2. Improve Your Code - Best Practices for Durable Code: Anna Skrzydło discusses code maintenance, and the strategies you can employ to create enduring code. Avoid future delays and growing pains for your Shiny app by using better coding practices.
  3. Scaling & Infrastructure - Why is My Shiny App Slow?: Pedro Silva will explore scaling and infrastructure issues common when deploying large scale Shiny apps, and how to overcome them.
  4. UI/UX in Shiny Apps and Live Coding Session (shiny.fluent and shiny.react): Kamil Żyła will demonstrate how to use shiny.fluent to build beautiful Shiny apps with Microsoft’s Fluent UI, and explain how to integrate React and Shiny.

Community X-Session - The Format:

  • Two hours of talks from four speakers with years of experience building enterprise Shiny applications.
  • Panel Q&A to close the event.
  • Shiny Dev Community Hangout - For the hour before and after scheduled talks, join us for a freeform community hangout. Think of this as the virtual analog to the hallways between and after talks during a live conference. We encourage you to join early and stay late to chat with other Shiny developers like yourself.

About the speakers

Marcin Dubel

Software Engineer at Appsilon

Marcin is a software engineer with a strong R and data analysis background. Over 4 years of experience in developing applications in such areas as finance, insurance or genomic studies. See Marcin on RStudio Community

Anna Skrzydło

Project Leader at Appsilon

Anna has passion for coding and Data Science. Over 5 years of experience in managing various IT and analytical projects. See Anna on RStudio Community

Pedro Silva

R/Shiny Developer at Appsilon

Pedro has worked in many technologies over the years and has an extensive background in web, developing both websites and applications. In his free time he is both an Open Source enthusiast and a practitioner of the JavaScript dark arts. See Pedro on RStudio Community

Kamil Żyła

Full Stack Engineer at Appsilon

Kamil is passionate about working across various technologies, leading projects and developing internal tooling.


Only 3,000 live attendees are allowed in the Webinar on a first come first serve basis. There will be approximately 45 minutes of presentation and about 15 minutes for Q&A.

Slides & Code

We've started a Github repository with all webinar materials. Speakers for this webinar and all future webinars will add their materials to the repository.

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Webinar Recordings

If you can't attend, don't worry. We record (almost) every webinar and post all materials on our website within 48 hours.

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