How to become an RStudio reseller

How to become an RStudio reseller

RStudio works with companies that buy our products on behalf of their customers. The resale process and applicable discounts are described here.

Reselling Process

1.Find a prospective buyer

We accept new business leads in accounts where we are not already active.

2.Register the lead

  • Fill in customer details, and the product info
  • If you’re not sure or would like to to talk to a sales rep, just note that in the comments.
  • Note: we don’t contact the company you’re referring directly about this opportunity, unless you tell us it’s okay.

3.Verify the order form

  • We’ll send you a quote in the form of an electronic order form (eOF) example.
  • Our quote will include a reseller discount of off list price. Pricing is available on our website here.

4.Secure customer agreement

  • Get a commitment from your customer in writing that they will purchase the software at a price you agree on. You don’t need to share that with us, but it’s important you’ve got confidence the customer will pay you before you buy the software from us.
  • Make sure your customer is aware of and agrees to our EULA.

5.Submit the order

Congratulations! You’re ready to submit the eOF we sent you in Step 3

  • Double check the contact info is correct and review the terms and conditions
  • Confirm agreement with our ‘instant’ agreement by checking the box on the form Submit the form
  • We will send an email to the address you entered in the eOF in order to validate the email address and finalize the order. Once you’ve validated your email address, the order process is complete.

6.Forward license keys

  • We will send license keys and download instructions for the software to the email address on the eOF.
  • Send these to your customer, or use them to activate the software if you are providing that service.

7.Annual renewal

  • The customer has the option to purchase renewals through you.
  • Our customer success representative (CSR) will check in with the customer to ensure things are going smoothly. If you are in close contact with the end customer, we recommend working with our CSR to provide the best outcome for our mutual customer.

Instant reseller agreements

RStudio’s instant Reseller Agreement will apply to this order if you do not have a durable reseller agreement with RStudio. This is the most common way to resell RStudio products, and is perfect for occasional resale opportunities. The instant agreement applies only to this order, and does not grant the right to sell the software in other opportunities, however the process may be repeated multiple times.

Durable reseller agreements

We have a small number of select partners with whom we have entered into durable reseller agreements to streamline the review of the instant agreement. Terms of any negotiated agreement between you and RStudio supercede any in the ‘instant’ Reseller Agreement.

Once we’ve experience a few sales cycles together, it may make sense to discuss closer engagements, but we find that discussion to be much more productive once we’ve had a chance to work together with a few mutual customers