Automating your Tasks and Reporting with:


Combine your code, your data and your insights all into one reproducible document.


Prefer using Python and Jupyter instead of RMarkdown? Great! Take it to the next level with Connect.


Our flagship professional product for curating and delivering insights to stakeholders and teammates.


Pins makes it easy to schedule data updates painlessly.

You've built a great data science product...

Something your stakeholders want and have been asking for. But operationalizing that data product is hard.

How do you deliver it to interested stakeholders in the format that they want with the specific insights that they need? And what if you need to deliver your data products to multiple stakeholders, all with slightly different requirements?

How do you make sure that the data product is always up to date? And when the data is updated, how will your stakeholders know?

This is why we built RStudio Connect. RStudio Connect is the best way for data science teams to curate and share data products with their organizations. It comes with all of the bells and whistles that professional data science teams typically need to turn their analyses into value.

In this live event, we’ll do a deep dive into one of RStudio Connect’s most powerful features: scheduling and distributing data science products.

This feature enables data science teams to take all of their data science products and insights and deliver them to everyone that needs them to make decisions. Always on time, in the format that they want, and as efficiently as possible.

Specifically: we will show how a data scientist can deploy an R Markdown or Jupyter Notebook to RStudio Connect, then schedule the data product to update and get delivered to interested stakeholders. All without the traditional work associated with updating data pipelines and updating reports.

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Who Is It For?

We want everyone who is interested to attend. That said, we think the presentation will be particularly valuable if you’d consider yourself:

Data Scientist, Statistician or Business Analyst

Spend a lot of time building great data science products and want to get better at distributing or sharing them to stakeholders? Or, are you investing too much time into building data pipelines and the operational stuff? If so, this is for you!

Data Engineer

Supporting R and Python developers, but don’t want to manage individual packages, worry about security, or connecting data plumbing? RStudio Connect effectively manages R and Python open source environments, securely manages credentials, and allows for scaling of automated tasks.

Data Science Leader

Increase your data science team’s impact across the business and cut down on the boring stuff that your team dreads doing. Build trust with stakeholders by delivering insights faster, more routinely, and more efficiently.

About the Speaker

Thomas Mock, PhD

Customer Enablement Lead, RStudio

Thomas is the Customer Enablement Lead at RStudio, helping RStudio's customers be as successful as possible. He is deeply involved in the global data science community, sharing tips on #RStats Twitter (find him at @thomas_mock), as co-founder of #TidyTuesday, a weekly Data Science learning challenge, and presenting on various Data Science topics on YouTube or at conferences.

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