Learn How RStudio Team Can...

Help you scale your data science work

Seamlessly manage open-source data science environments

Automate repetitive tasks

And, rapidly share key insights and data science products securely to your entire organization.

You probably know that RStudio makes a free, open-source development environment for data scientists. It’s made with love and used by millions of people around the world.

What you might not know is that we also make a professional platform, called RStudio Team.

Leading organizations like NASA, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, The World Health Organization, financial institutions, government agencies and insurance organizations around the globe use RStudio’s professional products to tackle world-changing problems and we’re inviting you to learn how RStudio Team gives professional data science teams superpowers, with all of the bells and whistles that enterprises need.

Joining us on YouTube Live, we will walk you through the RStudio Professional trial experience with a peek into how to integrate your favorite open source packages and time to answer your toughest questions!

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"As an R programmer, having access to RStudio's professional enterprise suite feels like I've won the lottery."
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Who Is It For?

We want everyone who is interested to attend. That said, we think the presentation will be particularly valuable if you’d consider yourself:

A data scientist in the enterprise that tackles challenges with code, including R and/or Python.

A data science leader that oversees a team of data scientists and analysts.

A BI analyst who wants to extend their work or collaborate with teams using R/Python.

About the Speaker

Thomas Mock, PhD

Customer Enablement Lead, RStudio

Thomas is the Customer Enablement Lead at RStudio, helping RStudio's customers be as successful as possible. He is deeply involved in the global data science community, sharing tips on #RStats Twitter (find him at @thomas_mock), as co-founder of #TidyTuesday, a weekly Data Science learning challenge, and presenting on various Data Science topics on YouTube or at conferences.