Adaptive feedback for learnr tutorials

Adaptive feedback for learnr tutorials

February 26, 2018

The learnr package makes it easy to write interactive tutorials in R. Learnr provides a hook for evaluating student answers. I'll demonstrate a package I've written, checkr, which can be used to provide adaptive, constructive feedback for students to help them correct their own errors. The package also helps instructors to monitor their student's work.

About the speaker

Danny Kaplan

Danny Kaplan is the DeWitt Wallace professor at Macalester College, where he founded the Applied Math and Statistics major and developed nationally recognized curricula in statistical modeling, applied calculus, and computational science. The very first public demonstration of RStudio was in his statistics classroom. He was the initial client for Shiny and has been using Shiny since its inception. Danny is the author of several textbooks, including “Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach,” “Data Computing,” “Modern Data Science with R,” and “Scientific Computation and Programming” (which has both MATLAB and python versions). He has won Macalester’s excellence in teaching award and, in 2017, was given a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to statistics education. Currently, he is leading an NSF-sponsored national outreach program,, to help college statistics instructors properly embrace data science and is finishing a new textbook, “Stats for Data Science.”