Branding and automating your work with R Markdown

Branding and automating your work with R Markdown

February 26, 2018

Notebooks have come a long way, from early IPython efforts to the latest features in RStudio that make it possible to export analysis to virtually any format. In this talk, I will discuss how our team of data scientists makes use of advanced features in RStudio to carefully brand reports and presentations for clients, which for us include professionals at all levels of government and the media. I will highlight lessons learned in areas like version control and automation - e.g., how a few lines of code allowed us to create a specialized report on crime for every county in Utah.

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About the speaker

Daniel is the Chief Data Scientist at Sorenson Impact. He helps governments, nonprofits, and philanthropists use data to better address difficult social problems. Most of his time is divided between writing code and working directly with client organizations, in conjunction with the data team. Previously, he served as the Chief of Staff and Chief Data Scientist to Mayor Joe Curtatone of Somerville, Massachusetts, and as an Innovations in American Government Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.