Debugging techniques in RStudio

Debugging techniques in RStudio

February 26, 2018

When you are building R scripts and documents, it can be challenging to figure out what went wrong when the code behaves in unexpected ways. Fortunately, there are excellent tools built into R and RStudio that can make debugging easier. This talk will explore those tools, including: using base R functions for debugging, tracing techniques, setting breakpoints in RStudio, understanding debug mode, and troubleshooting more complicated sources like packages and Shiny applications.

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About the speaker

Amanda has solved problems at small, Boston-based startups for many years. She has experience building high-quality software in various roles, including customer support, test strategy and automation, and product management. Amanda started learning R in 2016, and has been using it ever since to provide insights into RStudio’s internal data and to inspire product improvements.