Deploying TensorFlow models with tfdeploy

Deploying TensorFlow models with tfdeploy

March 4, 2018

This talk presents tools and packages now available to the R community to test and deploy TensorFlow models at scale across services like: TensorFlow Serving, Google Cloud and RStudio Connect. This talks gives an overview on how to train a model in TensorFlow, Keras or TensorFlow Estimators, then explains how to export models with a common interface across all packages, covers testing the exported models locally and explains different deployment services available and use cases for each of them. This talk closes with a walkthrough in RStudio covering training, testing and deployment. It also briefly covers an additional deployment alternative using kerasjs and answers a few questions from the audience.

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About the speaker

Javier is the author of “Mastering Spark with R”, pins, sparklyr, mlflow and torch. He holds a double degree in Math and Software Engineer and decades of industry experience with a focus on data analysis. Javier is currently working on a project of his own; and previously worked in RStudio, Microsoft Research and SAP.