Shiny UI

Shiny UI

March 25, 2016

Shiny apps are designed to look reasonably pleasant out of the box, with no extra effort required. But you’re by no means limited to the “stock” appearance, especially if you know a bit about HTML and CSS. Shiny has always included elegant abstractions for integrating custom markup into your UI-generating R code, and for packaging HTML generating code as functions. This talk describes those features, and also introduces HTML Templates, a new option for writing Shiny UI that lets you mostly write raw HTML but still access R input and output widget functions whenever you need them.

About the speaker

Garrett Grolemund

Garrett is the author of Hands-On Programming with R and co-author of R for Data Science and R Markdown: The Definitive Guide. He is a Data Scientist at RStudio and holds a Ph.D. in Statistics, but specializes in teaching. He’s taught people how to use R at over 50 government agencies, small businesses, and multi-billion dollar global companies; and he’s designed RStudio’s training materials for R, Shiny, R Markdown and more. Garrett wrote the popular lubridate package for dates and times in R and creates the RStudio cheat sheets.